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Letterman thanks Montana authorities

FBI agents and police discovered kidnapping plot
/ Source: The Associated Press

On his show Monday, David Letterman thanked the Montana authorities who helped unravel an alleged plot to kidnap his young son and nanny and hold them for $5 million ransom.

A painter who worked at the talk show host’s ranch near Choteau was arrested last week and charged with solicitation. Authorities say Kelly A. Frank was planning the kidnap for when Letterman and his family next visited the ranch.

“Last week, my family and I were involved in a little legal activity, and fortunately everything turned out fine, but I want to just take a second here to thank some people,” Letterman said on Monday’s show, his first one since the arrest.

He thanked two FBI agents, Teton County Sheriff George Anderson, county attorney Joe Coble “and the great people of Choteau, Montana.

“They have always made me and my family feel entirely welcome as though it were our home and that’s how we think of it,” he said.