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Leonard Nimoy is the only person who should do Vulcan salute

"Star Trek Into Darkness" had its big red carpet premiere in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and Leonard Nimoy was the one man who raised his hand for the cameras and made an iconic gesture that was allowable.

In no universe should it be OK for anyone but Spock to make the Vulcan V. OK, go ahead, we'll wait. Make the space between your pinky/ring fingers and your middle/index fingers. Waiting ... Oh! Ring finger doesn't want to play along with pinky? Then stop!

Here's Nimoy looking awesome and totally living longer and prospering.

Jordan Strauss / Today

Lea Thompson did this because she thinks starring in "Back to the Future" gives her some sort of sci-fi-hand-gesture cred.

Frazer Harrison / Today

Director J.J. Abrams might only be waving here, but let's just pretend the Vulcan salute is another thing he got wrong, and now his stomach is rumbling because he's nervous.

Kevin Winter / Today

Zoe "Uhura" Saldana is that person at the party who doesn't know what to do with her hands, because she knows making the V is forbidden.

Jason Kempin / Today

Zachary Quinto knows better. "Hands by side. Hands by side. There's only one Spock. There's only one Spock."

Frazer Harrison / Today

Oh, Kirk. You just couldn't help yourself, could you? Give us five reasons why Chris Pine should have taken his cue from Quinto.

Jordan Strauss / Today

John "Sulu" Cho tries to run off the red carpet before anyone notices his strange double-pointing move. Too late. George Takei just got 100,000 likes on his Facebook page for a meme of this.


Peace? Victory? How about neither, Fran Drescher?

Frazer Harrison / Today

When all else fails, Peter Weller at least resorts to jazz hands.

Frazer Harrison / Today

Nimoy is still too cool. "Watch, I'll do it again without even looking ..."

Frazer Harrison / Today