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Lena Dunham on hosting 'SNL': 'I asked Seth Meyers for advice'

Savannah Guthrie's TODAY interview with Lena Dunham airs Friday.

Lena Dunham may be an accomplished writer and actress thanks to the success of "Girls," but she admits in a new interview with TODAY airing Friday that she asked for a bit of help with her first time hosting "Saturday Night Live."

"I asked Seth Meyers for advice, and he said that I should not give more than three sketch ideas," Dunham tells Savannah Guthrie during a chat taped on the "SNL" set. "And I didn't want to be the person who shows up for the first day of school with, like, all their pencils sharpened, already knowing all the answers."

Meyers, who is now the host of "Late Night," anchored the Weekend Update desk on the sketch comedy show from 2006 to 2014, and was also the show's head writer.

But Dunham admits that she did have a few ideas ready — though it sounds like they may not be her best work.

"I pitched a couple of them to my boyfriend," the star explains. "He was like, 'Those are ... I think you should keep them in our house.' "

Dunham's interview with TODAY airs Friday morning on NBC. Watch her host "Saturday Night Live" at 11:30 p.m. Saturday on NBC.