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"At Last" Icon Etta James Reportedly Gravely Ill

Sadly, the prognosis doesn't look good for R&B legend Etta James.
/ Source: E!online

Sadly, the prognosis doesn't look good for R&B legend Etta James.

The "At Last" singer is currently undergoing round-the-clock treatment for dementia and leukemia at her Southern California home, according to her husband. He is now seeking to take control more than $1 million of her assets, touching off a family feud that's spilled into the public eye.

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Per a court declaration filed by Artis Mills, James' husband of 41 years, the 72-year-old blues legend's health has deteriorated to the point where she can no longer manage her own affairs.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, who has been diagnosed with dementia and leukemia, requires constant care to help her with eating, dressing and other basic functions, per the docs.

Mills is asking for a court order to transfer James' assets to a joint account so that he can monitor spending while Etta's son is asking a third party to do so "to avoid present and future family conflict and discrepancies."

In court papers her hubby stated that he was doing so in order to ensure that he honor the four-time Grammy winner's wish that she not live out her last days in a hospital.

Mills is also asking a judge to reassign the power of attorney James gave to her two sons, Donto James and Sametto James, in February 2008.

The veteran chanteuse has been ailing since January 2010 when she was hospitalized with a blood infection.

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