Kyra Sedgwick discovers hubby Kevin Bacon is a distant cousin

By Ree Hines

As if she didn’t already have an unfair advantage when it comes to playing “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” Kyra Sedgwick recently revealed that she’s related to her husband in more ways than one.

On Thursday night’s “Late Show With David Letterman,” Sedgwick explained that, thanks to Henry Louis Gates’ PBS series, “Faces of America,"she now knows she has several famous cousins

“You know, it’s amazing, because you learn so much about your family,” the actress said. “(Gates) went 200 years back on my mother’s side and 200 years back on my father’s side. And I just found out things I didn’t know at all.”

For instance, Sedgwick can count Marilyn Monroe, as well as former presidents Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter, among her distant relations.  She can also count Bacon, her husband of 22 years.

“(He’s my) 10th cousin, once removed,” Sedgwick said. “It was a little upsetting. I’m not gonna lie.”

But despite the big family reveal, Letterman was less than impressed. It seems the late-night host doesn’t put much stock in genealogy.

“Yeah, I’m very skeptical of this,” he protested. “I just… I don’t know. I would go on there, and I bet you I’m related to those same people.”

“But it was on PBS!” Sedgwick said in her defense. “You have to believe PBS.”

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