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KLG, Hoda break in new studio with half-naked bartender

After a tiny locksmith issue, Kathie Lee and Hoda were finally able to welcome America into the new-and-improved, snazzier-than-ever Studio 1A on Tuesday.

And it couldn't have come soon enough: The ladies were starting to fear they’d never make it into their new home. “It’s a miracle that they let us into the new studio!” said Hoda.

Showing us around their sassy new digs, the ladies noted they'd hung on to certain sentimental pieces from the original set — the desk and the sorry button, most notably.

Peter Kramer / Today
Kathie Lee and Hoda chatted with Mindy Kaling and a shirtless bartender on Tuesday.

However, the real pièce de résistance is something that the ladies have dreamed — nay, PRAYED for: their very own bar. They wasted no time kicking back at their new watering hole, sipping mystery clear liquids with actress/writer/producer/all-around hilarious lady Mindy Kaling, and ogling Tommy, the (half) naked bartender. They’re truly living the dream.

On his show last night, Jimmy Fallon explained another one of studio 1A’s new features: “They have this thing that’s really cool. The desk now sits on a 360 degree rotating platform, or as Hoda and Kathie Lee put it, 'Wait, you mean the room wasn’t spinning already? This is a new thing?'”

Very funny, Jimmy. As if you never have a drink before 11AM.

KLG and Hoda did take their desk for a spin, noting that a disco ball would really round out the effect. They even met some new staff members along the way, including our very own Matt Murray.


And what would a new home be without some sweet guests to warm it? Mr. Chocolate himself, Jacques Torres, dropped by with treats, as did Bobbie Lloyd of Magnolia Bakery, Alessandra Altieri of Bouchon Bakery and Todd Simon of Morrell Wine Bar.

Hope the ladies enjoy life in their beautiful new studio and the combination hangover/sugar coma hitting them later today!