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Kim Cattrall feels ‘like a Beatle’ on ‘Sex’ set

“I just want to be John (Lennon). That was my favorite Beatle,” says the actress who plays Samantha Jones.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Kim Cattrall is raving about life on the set of “Sex and the City 2.”

The actress, who Access Hollywood caught up with at the Toronto Film Festival recently, revealed that being back on set with New York City’s most fabulous four — Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte York Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis) and Cattrall’s character Samantha Jones — is a lot like being in a famous group from Liverpool, England.

“We were just finishing our second week of filming and it is a blast. It’s like we were never off the air. It’s like it never ended from the first movie,” Kim told Access Hollywood and CTV’s eTalk. “It’s truly astonishing. I literally feel like a Beatle every day I come on the set. I just want to be John (Lennon). That was my favorite Beatle.”

And Cattrall, who wore a red Liverpool Football Club team shirt during the interview has more in common with the Beatles than just being fabulous. She was born in Liverpool just before the band took off.

Just like the Beatles, who didn’t realize they were going to go from four local lads to international sensations, Cattrall revealed that she had no idea the series would take off as it has.

“There’s no way to even get an inkling of that,” Cattrall said of the franchise, the first movie of which made over $415 million worldwide. “What I knew at the first read through was there was a feeling in the room immediately with the other actors and I think that you can write that to an extent, but it just has to organically be there and we’ve always had that.”

With success came super-fans of the series, and Cattrall said that’s meant added press attention as they film the second movie.

“Just the other day I was literally walking to the set with my page for the day and one of the gossip columnists, they blew it up and they leaked all of these secrets to the press,” Cattrall said. “So I feel – literally — like I’m working for the CIA. You can’t show anything, you can’t say anything… I can’t have changes faxed to me. Nothing. It’s top secret and I think that’s a really good thing because we have such a huge fan base and now any little tidbits that they see with photographs and tidbits in the paper, their imagination gets away with them. (We) don’t want to spoil it so it’s kind of a game that you play with the press.”

But it appears despite the games, some secrets are plain for all to see.

(Stop reading now to avoid potential spoilers).

On Friday in New York City, “Sex and the City 2” shot scenes in Bergdorf Goodman department store and Cattrall — as Samantha — was spotted in a wedding dress. Parker was in a green dress.

But it appears Samantha Jones may have her pick of men in the film. When asked about the rumors the PR vixen is set to get a new boy toy (Max Ryan), Cattrall said her character can’t be pinned down that much.

“One? One boy toy? You’re limiting Samantha, really,” she laughed. “Without giving away too much, I don’t think fans will be disappointed in Samantha or her voracious appetite.”