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Kelsey Grammer stands up for his slain sister

The man who killed his younger sister in 1975 is up for parole
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Kelsey Grammer is returning to TV this fall as a disgraced local newsman in the FOX sitcom “Back to You.”

But when “Access Hollywood’s” Billy Bush paid a visit to the set, jokes were put aside as Grammer opened up about one of the most painful chapters in his life — when his sister was killed.

In the summer of 1975, Grammer’s 18-year-old sister was abducted, raped, slashed and left to bleed to death in Colorado Springs.

“The man who murdered your sister is eligible for parole and you’re going to attend the hearing. What do you want to accomplish?” Bush asked.

“Well, I don’t want to state things I don’t know yet. I just know that there is a hearing scheduled and I intend to appear and speak for my sister on her behalf,” Grammer explained.

“Are you speaking to the judge?” Bush asked.

“Probably the parole board. I’m still not sure at this point and I know that the D.A. has been in touch with my publicist who is kind of handling it for me because it’s a sensitive issue,” Grammer continued.

Known to generations of fans as TV’s Dr. Frasier Crane, Grammer’s impeccable sense of comic timing has long hid his years of personal pain. By the time he was 25, Kelsey had dealt with the murder of his father, the tragic slaying of his sister and the death of his two half-brothers in a scuba diving accident.

For years, Grammer turned to drugs and alcohol, which led to multiple arrests and even time behind bars in 1990.

But when his little sister was killed, it was Kelsey who brought her body home to Florida to be buried. And now more than 30 years later, he may finally get the opportunity to speak for the young girl silenced by a killer.

“I intend to be there when it’s important for me to be there. He also killed six other people. This is not a person that I think should be back out on the street,” Grammer said.

“Is this maybe also a chance for a guy — who you know, you were the big brother at the time — to speak up for her when you couldn’t?” Bush asked.

“This is the first opportunity I’ve had to say something on her behalf that might make a difference because I couldn’t make a difference before,” Grammer concluded.