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Jennifer Aniston is not in a race to the altar

Pity ain't pretty in Hollywood.

Jennifer Aniston told Access’ Nancy O’Dell that she doesn’t want anyone’s pity, that she might leave L.A. and that she and Brad Pitt are not in a race to the altar.

“They find a picture of you with a tissue, and it's, ‘Oh, Jen’s having a breakdown,’” Jen laughed, about the tabloid's obsession with her every move.

“And you just wanted to blow your nose or something,” Nancy laughed.

“They're so hilarious,” Jen agreed. “I mean they do start to get comical after a while. I mean, I'm apparently having an $8 million wedding. There's the guest list, there's the china, there’s the food. Everything's been broken down. It's a race! Who will win?”

Cheery and real, Jen had no problem answering all Nancy's burning questions while promoting her new film.

“Friends with Money” — Jen's new movie opening April 7 — includes the powerful female posse of Catherine Keener, Frances McDormand and Joan Cusack.

“In one of the magazines, in Vogue, you said, ‘Don't feel sorry for me. I don't want to be a victim,’” Nancy said.

“You don't want it to ever come off like you don't appreciate people's concerns, but there's just no need, it's a long time passed,” Jen explained. “I never was a victim in any of it, so I don't like the word, and I don't like sort of being portrayed that way, the way things get twisted.”

And it's entertainment-obsessed Hollywood that Jen says is probably the biggest problem.

“You've actually talked about you might want to leave L.A. Any truth to that?” Nancy asked.

“Look, I love L.A.,” Jen said. “There’s part of it that's just ... we're so saturated with this sort of obsession, and that's, I think, going in a very weird direction and it'll self-destruct eventually and it'll level out probably.”

“Maybe not as many paparazzi in Arkansas or something,” Nancy said.

“Yeah, I mean unless they relocate to the woods,” Jen laughed. “That would get pretty boring. You and me again, dude. Here we go again!”