Jamie Lynn Spears in baby bump denial

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/ Source: msnbc.com contributor

Jamie Lynn Spears may be five months pregnant, but she isn’t ready to reveal her telltale baby bump to the world. In fact, Star magazine reports the 16-year-old is in complete denial about the changes to her body and is doing all she can to conceal the evidence.

“Jamie Lynn has been wrapping two-inch-wide Ace bandages tightly around her stomach to hide her bump,” an insider told Star.

That’s a result of what another source called Jamie Lynn’s “severe body-image issues” brought on by her sudden change from “cute little TV star” to pregnant teen. “Now she sees herself ballooning — and she can't handle it.”

Gary Coleman’s violent history with wife Earlier this month, Gary Coleman revealed he secretly married 22-year-old Shannon Price in August. When the couple spoke to Inside Edition, Shannon hinted that it wasn’t all wedded bliss. “He throws things around, and sometimes he throws it in my direction. … He’s got to damage something before his anger stops.”

Now further reports of the “Diff’rent Strokes” star’s angry outbursts come from the National Enquirer. The magazine located a police report taken just a month before Gary and Shannon swapped their vows. In it, Shannon and a bystander accused Gary of losing his cool and trying to drive off while Shannon stood halfway out of the vehicle.

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The onscene witness, who said she feared for Shannon’s safety, reported Gary was “yelling and pounding his steering wheel for approximately 10 minutes” during the incident.

Gary gave his account before receiving a citation for disorderly conduct. “The love of my life decided that July 27 was another day to feel that I degrade her, I don’t care about her, that I don’t love her, and that I never did.” He explained to the officer, “I was going to leave permanently by driving away, but she got caught in the open passenger door. No injuries, just more frustrated and hurtful talk, with some yelling. I have learned it’s always the guy’s fault, no matter what.”

A friend of the couple warned the Enquirer, “Together, these two are a powder keg waiting to explode.”

Dish on the fly A sex tape purportedly portraying Gene Simmons “in the act” with an Austrian model named Elsa prompted a statement from the KISS frontman. “You may have heard or seen garbage that has sprung up from my past,” Gene said in a message posted to his Web site. “Rest assured the proper legal team is looking at all ramifications and options.” As for how his longtime partner, Shannon Tweed, and their kids feel about the alleged display of his family jewels, Gene simply added, “(They) are happy and healthy. All is well.”