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J.Lo’s baby photo cover deal was no cakewalk

Jennifer Lopez’s babies are finally going public in People magazine, but several sources familiar with the early stages of bidding said that it wasn’t an easy deal to strike.

Jennifer Lopez’s babies are finally going public in this week’s issue of People, but several sources familiar with the early stages of bidding among the many interested magazines said that the arrangement wasn’t an easy deal to strike.

“Jennifer has a long history of making things go exactly her way — just look at some of the riders for her appearances. There were some surprising demands this time around though,” said one source.

Among them, it’s Jennifer now, and not J.Lo, a point that has been brought up in recent weeks. “‘J.Lo’ was from her Puffy and Ben Affleck days — she’s in a different place now. She wants whoever does the story to not call her that in the piece or ever again for that matter,” the source revealed. Whether this demand stuck remains to be seen. Reps for Lopez did not comment, nor did People.

There was also an issue as to who would take the photos. In this case, it wasn’t which professional photographer would have access to the inner Lopez/Anthony sanctum — it was a matter of whether Marc Anthony, apparently a budding photographer, could snap the shots.

“When you’re paying an incredible amount of money for the photos, the idea of having Marc take the pictures doesn’t sit well,” the source noted. (Again, no word from any of the involved about the veracity of this claim.)

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Finally, why sells photos to begin with? Another source said that in some sense, the couple could use the cash not because they have the new expenses of two kids, several nurseries, nannies and added security, but because Anthony is still smarting from that $2.5 million he owed the state of New York in back taxes, interest and penalties.

“It’s kind of mind boggling that a couple worth that much would think of it that way, but hey, celebrities have bills too, I guess.”

Nicole Kidman spends time with her kids
Nicole Kidman often goes months at a time without being spotted with her children from her marriage to Tom Cruise, so when there is a sighting, it makes headlines.

The last photo of Kidman with her kids appears to be one with daughter Isabella in Australia in May 2007. There’s no photo from this most recent outing in L.A., but Kidman’s rep confirms that it did take place.

What was on the agenda? Us Weekly reports that Kidman and kids spent some time visiting with Naomi Watts at her home in L.A., and Kidman did some house hunting as well.

“Nicole had her people call Naomi's next-door neighbors to ask if they would be interested in selling their house — even though it wasn't on the market,” a source told the magazine. The neighbors reportedly turned down the offer.

Conan O’Brien’s St. Patty’s Day Stewgate
Conan O’Brien is many things, but a cook? The March issue of Good Housekeeping features a St. Patrick's Day stew recipe from Conan O'Brien, except the late-night host didn’t create any such recipe or send it to the mag.

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On his St. Patrick’s Day show, he said, “I've never cooked anything in my life. I didn't send this to them. They completely made this up.” Conan was a good sport about it: He asked, “Would you please just send me some of that stew? I'd love it if you sent me some so that I could try it.”

Well, there’s no stew, but a Good Housekeeping spokeswoman has issued a statement saying they had been duped.

“According to a reputable source, which has regularly provided celebrity recipes to the magazine, this was Conan’s personal St. Patrick’s Day stew recipe. Now that Conan has made us aware that he can't cook ramen noodles, let alone a stew, we will no longer be using that source and would love to invite (O'Brien) to the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen to take a cooking class with our food director, Susan Westmoreland.”

Aniston’s ex did ‘lousy job of being a rock star’
Remember Adam Duritz? He’s the guy who a) briefly dated Jennifer Aniston, b) once bore a striking resemblance to Sideshow Bob from “The Simpsons” and c) headlined The Counting Crows (he still does, when they actually play).

Duritz sat down with Blender magazine to talk about how things have turned out since his rock-star days, and he doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

“I'm 43, single and I sit at home a lot. That's not what I was supposed to accomplish in being a rock star. I wasn't supposed to mess this up quite so badly …  I've done such a lousy job of being a rock star.”

Duritz apparently doesn’t do well mixing alcohol and dates, either. “I’m occasionally mute. I had a date once where I could not think of anything to say for an hour. I sat there in my mind, going, ‘Say something.’ It was a party, and I was holding a balloon. I must've looked like a 6-year-old.” What a catch.