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‘House’ star as anti-social as character on set

Co-star Sela Ward defends Hugh Laurie, saying he carries hit drama
/ Source: The Associated Press

In many ways, Hugh Laurie's character on the Fox medical drama "House" mirrors the actor's behavior on the set. Though Sela Ward says his anti-social ways aren't by design.

Ward says Laurie, who plays the acerbic, risk-taking Dr. Gregory House, has a good reason for not hanging out with his fellow actors.

"He's in every scene, almost, and has, if you'll notice, paragraphs of dialogue. I mean, an extraordinary amount of dialogue," Ward told reporters recently, according to AP Radio.

As soon as he's done with one scene, Ward said, Laurie is focusing on the next because he's carrying the show at "100 miles an hour."

Ward is guest starring as Stacy Warner, House's former love interest who is now married.

"They're gonna have to struggle with their feelings for one another," she said. "The whole point of her character really is to have a window into this vulnerability of this person, the other side of the coin of this character."

Even with the obvious sexual tension, Ward said viewers shouldn't expect hijinks.

"From a morality point of view, I wouldn't even go near (that)," she said. "But in terms of making an interesting show, I'm sure they'll have to struggle with it."