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Hoda's pooch already had Dog TV before it existed 

Hoda has just discovered something awesome for guilt-ridden dog lovers like herself who hate to leave their furry friends behind every weekday morning: It’s called Dog TV.

“You just put it on in your house. Your dog can watch other dogs having fun,” she told Kathie Lee on Wednesday.

Hoda admitted she already leaves the television on for Blake, her little Cockapoo, to keep him company while she’s at work. But he never seems to actually take notice of the screen. Except once, while the movie "The Proposal" was playing, and Sandra Bullock's character was getting chased by a dog.

Kathie Lee suggested that Blake watch “Marley and Me,” but Hoda immediately dismissed the idea as too sad because of what happens to the title character .

Kathie Lee and Hoda showed off their dogs last week.

But KLG insisted it would be good for Blake, who is being crate trained, to watch the flick.

“He’ll be grateful he’s alive. Everything’s relative,” she reasoned. “He’s going to be sitting there, ‘oh, so sad about Marley, but look at me, I have a mommy and I’m in a crate.’ Trust me on this.”

Turns out, Hoda isn’t alone in her doggy-momma guilt. She said she recently went on Google and discovered an entire online community of folks who hate leaving their dogs behind for the day.

“You need two dogs so they keep each other company,” KLG suggested.

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