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Hoda gets 'very intimate' dream date with Dean Cain


Hoda's drinking-buddy dream came true on Thursday, when Dean Cain surprised her with a bottle of wine.

The "Hit the Floor" actor, who was subbing for Kathie Lee as Fourth Hour co-host, said he and his mom had been watching the show about a month ago when they saw Hoda reveal one of her wishes: to share a bottle of wine with Dean Cain.

"Well, we're going to make that happen right now!" he said, as Hoda started to blush. "Let's do it! Bring it in!"


As Marvin Gaye's sultry song "Let's Get it On" started to play in the background, Hoda's favorite Superman poured the red.

"Is this a date?" Hoda asked, looking giddy.

"It is now!" Dean smiled. "A morning date. There's nothing like it!"

"You are ridiculous," said Hoda, as they clinked their glasses.

"They put me up to it!" swore Dean, taking a few sips. "That's pretty nice, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is," Hoda responded, trying to hold back the giggles as they exchanged some meaningful looks. "This is very intimate."

Dean hinted that things could have escalated, but quickly snapped out of the romantic moment when he realized they still had more show to do. "Oh, I guess we're still on TV. All right, forget it then. I'll just wait," he said.

"That was our first date," Hoda sighed. "That was really sweet."