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Hoda finally gets a dog — see who she picked!

Get out the cigars! Hoda is a dog mom at long last.

Peter Kramer / NBC News / Today

She and KLG went on a group date with 10 potential puppies in the park yesterday, and after their raucous play date, the dogs came by the studio on Wednesday and Hoda tried to narrow them down. They were all heart-meltingly adorable, although KLG was partial to a tiny poodle mix called Cinnamon.

Hoda's criteria were few. "I'm looking for a dog that likes to sleep," she explained.

Finally, she picked a charming little black and white Cockapoo, and ended up taking him home. He was found on the street in Chicago, and his shelter name is Goldfish, but Hoda's niece wants him to be called "Bibbles" or "Meatball." (We'll see what she goes with on Thursday.)

Peter Kramer / NBC News / Today

All of the dogs were rescues, or as KLG sang, "every dog has a story," and the eight who didn't go home with somebody are all available to be adopted. Yep — eight. KLG couldn't let Cinnamon go … so she gave him to a friend's son. But if things don't work out, he's going to KLG.

Congrats, Hoda! And don't forget to check out the others here.

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor who kind of wants to adopt Kevin.

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