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Guilty Pleasures you can't live without

Readers share some secret distractions, from dollar stores to Air Supply
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You folks have great taste. Truly.

Of course, this is coming from us, and we secretly indulge in Paula Abdul's singing career, fan fiction and “Pimp My Ride,” so take that at face value.

We shared our guilty pleasures, and our readers shared some of theirs. And we have to confess that we like a lot of these things too:

My guilty pleasure is dollar stores. Jigsaw puzzles, aluminum foil, Tupperware, shower curtains, picture frames, Mylar balloons, carpet deodorizer, dish soap, tortillas even get keys made all for $1! How does this place stay in business? Why go to Target and spend $1.99 for some hair scrunchies when you can buy a pack of 5 for $1. —Margie, Houston, Tex.

My guilty pleasure is 98 Degrees. No one listens to the so-called "boy-bands" anymore, in fact, they're viewed as an embarrassment. I listen to them because it reminds me of happier days when I was younger and out of touch with what reality really is! —Natasha, West Virginia

This is not easy, because there are so many guilty pleasures out there, but when Goldie Hawn finds independence from her smarmy French husband in "Private Benjamin," and punches him out at the altar, I feel empowered, and when Elizabeth Shue's "Babysitter" in "Adventures in Babysitting" kisses her fella at the end of the film to the tune of "...And He Kissed Me," I am happy for the rest of the day. Neither film is "The English Patient," but hey ... —Chris

I enjoy watching Airline on A&E. The show mainly deals with disgruntled passengers. It appears that Southwest has more drunks turned away than any other airline. The best segments are the irate customers who complain when they miss their flights. Agent: "Sir the plane has already left. Your flight was at 8:40" Passenger: "But it's 8:43." "Yes, the plane left at 8:40." "But we are here now and it's 8:43." "Yes sir, the plane left at 8:40." "South West is the worst airline!" etc. —Brian, Westlake, Calif.

As an African American male, born and raised in the inner-city (Newark, NJ) I can promise you that copy of “Dangerous Liaisons” is not on display when my friends come over to watch the game. I know it's a big old period piece/melodrama but the when Glenn Close burst through those doors and starts trashing the room I get choked up every time. —Chad, Newark, N.J.

I have the hugest collection of regency era romance novels imaginable! Yikes. And I am a guy. I identify with the heroes and wish I could meet the women in these novels. Ahhh, Love? Not the bodice rippers but the type your 80 year old granny reads. For shame on me. I've got Judith McNaught, Mary Balogh, Mary Jo Putney and buckets more. I read them over and over. —Ian, Jacksonville, Fla.

“Growing Up Gotti” is my favorite guilty pleasure. I don't honestly know why I like it so much. I was watching A & E last night and saw that the new season starts Monday, and was instantly on the countdown to Monday night! —Jenn, Bethel Park, Pa.

Hanson's “MMM-Bop” for sure. I can't even sing along, except for when they sing "MMM-Bop". But when that catchy tune comes on - I am surely turning it up. That is, if no one's around. —Jessica, Chicago, Ill.

On the big screen“Ladyhawke,” yes, the movie with the awful soundtrack and horrible costumes, but look past all that and what do you see? A wonderful fantasy love story of a movie. Phillipe (Matthew Brodrick) brings the funny with his many comments to God about his life and then the drunken priest comes in. How can you not love a drunken priest? —Kendra, Roanoke, Va.

“The Explorers.” Nerdy River Phoenix. Pre-Pubescent Ethan Hawke. Aliens, who quote Bogart, sending space ship instructions through dreams. Perfect waste of a few hours. —Sam, Kitchener, Ont.

"Weird Al" Yankovic's movie masterpiece “UHF.” Three words: Wheel of fish. —Mike, Appleton, Wis.

The cheesiest movie of all time, Patrick Swayze's “Roadhouse.” It's about a world renowned bouncer. The best line "Pain don't hurt," or "I'll get enough sleep when I'm dead," take your pick. Is it irony that Swayze was in “Dirty Dancing” also? Hmmmm.... —Steve M., San Francisco, Calif.

Flash Gordon! (1980 version) Max von Sydow! Topol! Timothy Dalton! Brian Blessed! Ornella Muti! Art Deco Sets! Cloud effects by Count Ul de Rico! Score by Queen! What's not to like? —JPH, Folsom, Calif. [Amen. -Eds.]

I hate gooshy, sticky sweet chick flicks and, even worse, every movie that airs on the Lifetime: TV for Women That Hate Men Channel. HGTV? Booring. And yet, despite all of this, I am a sucker for "My Fair Lady." Maybe it's Henry Higgins' "Women Be Da**ed" attitude. Or maybe its Audrey Hubba-Hubba-Hepburn. But I love everything about the movie: the acting, the songs, everything. Well, that Freddie dude would look great on the receiving end of laser blaster, but other than that, "My Fair Lady" rocks! Just don't tell the guys at the office, okay? —Gary, Nashville, Tenn.

I would have to say 'Zoolander' is my guilty pleasure. I have seen it so many times that I can recite dialog along with the actors. I love it because it shows Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell BEFORE they tried to become 'serious comedic' movie stars. That is, before they starred in movies made just for them. —Cris W., Russellville, Ark.

Baby Got ... Air Supply?You can't possibly list a Guilty Pleasures list of Music without listing Air Supply, that's like leaving chick flicks off your movies list. —Dave, Las Vegas, Nev.

Pretty much any song from Sir Mix-a-lot's SWASS album. "Buttermilk Biscuits" and "My Posse's On Broadway" still resonate — I think I could still recite them word for word. ... Plus — I admit it — I'm a secret fan of 'Baby Got Back.' Honestly, how could you NOT be? —Anastasia, Reidsville, Ga.

I'd have to say those two soft rock staples of early '70s music: Bread, and Carpenters. A song like "Diary" still gets me every time, and "Mother Freedom" rocks harder than it should. Yes, Carpenters borders on bubblegum, and the songs now sound incredibly over-produced, but there is no denying that Karen Carpenter had one the truly great, purely natural, un-affected voices in the history of music. —Ken, San Leandro, Calif.

Hands down, it's Nelson. Remember the blond twins from the early 90's? My best friend and I would play "Everywhere I Go" on my pastel yellow boom box and pretend we were in a desert, waiting for them to rescue us. We actually made a video to "Love and Affection" (looking hot in Umbros as 8th graders) and every time I listen to the songs from that album, it takes me back to my bad hair and baby fat days. —Kara, St. Charles, Ill.

Whenever I am in a blue mood, I always throw on one of my Muppets CDs. The music is catchy, fun and always brings me to a happy place of childhood. Hands down the best is the "rumble" between Gonzo and Linc Hogthrob to "Macho Man." I'm lucky because I am a preschool teacher, so I have an excuse to listen to the Muppets, but I guess that it could be awkward if I were caught in the car! —Tracy, Daly City, Calif.

“THAT'S INCREDIBLE” has to be one of my all time favorites. Even though I was born here (USA) I was raised in another country and every afternoon the whole family would get together to see it. I can compare this show to “Ripley's Believe It Or Not” (70's version). But to my regret I have never seen a rerun of the show here in the states. —Joss, New York, N.Y.

Winnie the Pooh. I absolutely love the cartoon. The scenery and the colors of the seven acre woods. The characters just warm my heart and make me smile. Am an a 37 year old woman with no children and I rent the new movies when they come out. And a great treat for me was when "A Day for Eeyore" was on television. I actually made my mom sit and watch it with me and I have to admit I cried when Tigger wanted to find his family tree. —Jennifer, Phoenix, Ariz.

Purchasing an expensive wrist watch I honestly don't need. A cool wrist watch makes me feel good and I think it helps me look good. Vain, no? In my lifetime I believe I've owned 35-40 wrist watches. Ten of them averaging anywhere from $500 - $600. ... The saddest part about this is that I don't know where a single one of those watches are to this day. Well, I take that back. One, a citizen chronograph w/digital snooze alarms is resting at the bottom of a pond somewhere in the San Gabriel mountains. It snapped off of my wrist while I was cliff jumping in a drunken stupor. The other, a $500 Seiko diving watch fell off of my wrist while whitewater rafting in the American River near Sacramento, Ca. Moral of the story. Don't wear an expensive watch, drink and conduct water activities. Somewhere, a fish is telling good time. —Lou M., Honolulu, Hi.

Swallow your prideGumballs -- as a kid I loved them, and I hated it when the gum lost it's flavor - so now I buy them in bulk occasionally ($2.99/pound at the store) -- get 2 or 3 pounds, and take 5 or 6 and just start chewing -- as soon as the flavor is gone, I get to spit it out and go right away for another half dozen -- no parents telling me I can't have more, not many calories -- but yeah, I may need a filling or two next year. —Russell B., Minneapolis, Minn.

My favorite guilty pleasure is a bowl of Lucky Charms on a Saturday morning. As a child growing up on a farm in Montana, it was a rare pleasure that I enjoyed this confection of marshmallows and sugar covered cereal. I made a goal of ensuring that the last bite always contained 1 each of the different marshmallow shapes. I still do it to this day. —Stephen B., Seattle Wash.

Chef Boy-R-Dee Spaghetti & Meatballs or Ravioli ... even mixed together! (N.B. Spaghetti-O's do not count.) Chef Boy-R-Dee brings back comfort food memories from childhood ... that bright red color, the sweetness and saltiness, the softness of the noodles (like Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup), the mushy meatballs, all combine to soothe the palate with its tenderness and warm the belly with easy digestibility. Plus, you can jazz it up with garlic powder, dried herbs, hot pepper flakes and Parmesan cheese (the stuff from the green cardboard tube ... not the expensive stuff!) and feel like a true gourmand. —Ken C., North Kingstown, R.I.

Comments edited for length and clarity.