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Forget Thanksgiving dinner! Check out these TV turkeys

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"Friends" delivered one the TV's most memorable Thanksgiving moments in the episode "The One With All the Thanksgvings."

It’s almost time to stuff the bird and mash the potatoes, but before getting caught up in the holiday hubbub, there’s still time to sit back and enjoy some non-edible Thanksgiving treats.

True, the dining room table typically hosts the most memorable Turkey Day moments, but worthwhile ones have taken place on the boob tube, too. Thanks to classic episodes from current and past TV favorites, there’s plenty to be thankful for.

Here are a few of the best examples:

 'WKRP in Cincinnati'

A well-intended holiday promotion turned hilariously tragic in "Turkey's Away" as station manager Mr. Carlson, who was under the impression that turkeys could fly from the sky, ordered dozens of them dropped from a helicopter. While the resulting carnage wasn't seen on-screen, Silver Sow-winning newsman Les Nessman was on the scene to report. "Oh, the humanity!"

'How I Met Your Mother'

Thanksgiving marked more than mealtime on "How I Met Your Mother." In the "Slapsgiving" episode on the sitcom, it also meant a chance for Marshall to truly be thankful when Lily gave him the go-ahead to deliver the ultimate slap to Barney as part of the show's then-running gag.


“The One With All the Thanksgivings” isn't just the best of the "Friends" many Thanksgiving shows. It might just be the top effort in the series. Filled with funny flashbacks of holidays past, the episode's must-see scenes include both the turkey-headed adventures of Joey andMonica.


If you're looking for more holiday laughs, just keep scrolling down, because you won't find them in "Dexter's" creepy (but awesome) T-Day tribute, “Hungry Man.” Instead you'll see tensions that put the typical holiday dinner bickering to shame, as Dexter dines with The Trinity Killer and co.

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

In "Pangs," the ghostly members of the Chumash tribe rise to seek some Thanksgiving justice by attacking the Scooby gang. Buffy gets bashed by a bear. Spike becomes a pin cushion thanks to some well aimed arrows. And poor Xander, well, he gets a three-in-one dose of otherworldly smallpox, malaria and syphilis. Talk about a happy Thanksgiving.


You could have cut the tension between Kelly, Dylan and Brenda with a carver in "Radar Love," the "90210" episode that perfectly highlighted the ridiculous love triangle. "Potatoes, Kel?" Dylan innocently asked before a smug Kelly refused them. That's when Brenda smiled and said, "I'll take some potatoes!" Best part? The "I bet you would" face from Cindy Walsh.

 'The Simpsons'

The Simpsons sat down to a big meal with all the trimmings in "Bart vs. Thanksgiving," but the family prayer was anything but peaceful. "Oh, Lord, be honest," Homer begged. "Are we the most pathetic family in the universe or what?!" Amen.


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