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FirstPerson: You call ‘This Is It’ ‘raw,’ ‘intimate’

Those who went to the midnight shows were moved by the experience of seeing Michael Jackson dance again.
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We asked what you thought of “This Is It” and here’s how you responded:

“The movie was so raw. It was an absolute delight to see Michael so full of life and energy. As a grieving fan, I found the experience to be healing. The film reminds me that the incalculable loss we’ve experienced is somehow counter-balanced by the knowledge that his amazing spirit will live forever!” — Letitia Bates, Harrisonburg, Va.

“He was a national treasure. This intimate look into the atelier of artist MJ gives a rare glimpse of the genius he embodied. Not a mournful note throughout, but instead, I'm left with a yearning to see that fabulous tour in person... to hear the words I know so well performed again from the razor edge of brilliance. Please, stay to the very end. There's more beyond the names.” — Linda Morris, Santa Rosa, Calif.

“This concert would have been absolutely amazing! MJ is truely magic. I’m happy this film was released because it gave us a chance to see Michael perform again. I think he would have wanted his fans to see his creation even in its rough form given the sad circumstance. The film showed MJ how he should be remembered. It gives us a time to celebrate him, and keep with us a piece of him as a person and as an entertainer. I know that MJ is in a place that he can see and feel all of the love that he so truly deserves. I have always been and always will be a fan and admirer of Michael Jackson.” — Katrina O., Belmont, Mich.

“Thank you Kenny Ortega for making this film happen. It is a gift to his fans. It was fascinating to see the real Michael at work, in his element. To see him as the consummate professional that he was working on every detail from the auditions to each element of the concert. I loved how he’d say, ‘This is why we rehearse.’ Even in rehearsal, you can see his genius. Imagine what the performance would have been like. He was indeed ready and the show would have been spectacular. Every aspect of it was incredible. If only we could have seen the show as it was intended ... if only he was still with us. This show would have meant redemption and as others have suggested, it would have brought him to a new generation of fans including his own children. The film is a fitting tribute and when it was over I wanted to watch hours more. As always, he was fascinating to watch. He will live forever.” —Alisa Diez, South Pasadena, Calif.

“‘Let it simmer’ was a quote Michael uses in letting a song sit and bake, meaning let it just set awhile and absorb.  The film was absolutely Michael in the raw: His perfection, his love, his generous playful nature as only his craft works together.  His dancers are amazing, Kenny Ortega is brilliant, and the re-creation of ‘Thriller’ was off the charts.  The rising of Michael on ‘Beat’ was a funny moment of MJ playing and waving while he was to pay attention.  It was fabulous!” — Lonnie Senstock, Lincoln, Neb.

“I just returned home from the first showing of Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It.’ Masterful, stunning, amazing … I was totally speechless. I am so very sorry that Michael was not with us long enough to experience his dream. The London shows would have been a once in a lifetime event, exhibiting yet again the raw talent of the one and only King of Pop. There has never been, nor will there ever be another Michael Jackson. I strongly encourage everyone to see this movie.  You’ll be totally awestruck and inspired. Truly a fresh breath of air in these uncertain times.” —Linda Donewald, Phoenix, Ariz.

“To watch this was a truly amazing experience.  You have to understand this man is 50 and he moves with precision alongside dancers who are literally dancing for their lives.  This concert would have done what his career has done which is not raise the bar for others but create yet a new bar that all entertainers will aspire to.  To watch creativity just ooze out of this guy as well as raw energy is just really an experience.” — Music foo, Stockton, Calif.

“I, along with three friends, stood in line to see ‘This is it’ on Tuesday. My friends and I were all excited to see this film but we were all not sure what to expect. Five minutes into ‘This is It’ my uncertainty about the movie was gone. Michael Jackson is simply awe-inspiring and unbelievable; the dance skill on display in this film has never been seen before. The vocals Michael Jackson uses just for this rehearsal are CD quality — no gimmicky Auto-Tune or audio touch-ups. He is singing live. I give ‘This Is It’ a 5 out of 5 I am going again. Michael Jackson simply the best.” — Paul Jordan, Dallas, Texas

“My 13-year-old son and I went to the premiere and thought it was great!  We were two of eight people in the theatre so it was awesome! We were dancing and singing in our seats until 2 a.m.  It made us really want to go see Michael in concert and in turn it was bittersweet!  RIP Michael. —Marie H., Seldon, N.Y.

“We Michael Jackson fans were treated to an intimate journey with MJ through this film. Some of the most touching moments were of hearing him sing a capella — his voice still exactly the same as it always was without any music or sound effects or background singers. We laughed out loud at his quick sense of humor and the way he “lovingly” demanded perfection of all those around him. If you have never seen a master at his craft, then watch this movie and you will. At one point, there was a scene where MJ had to cue the band in unison with a video playing in the background. Since the screen was behind him the director warned MJ that he wouldn’t be able to see when the screen changed. MJ simply replied, “That’s OK. I’ll just have to feel it”. Then he went on to do the cue blind (and perfectly of course).

The crowd at the little Buckhead theater I went to here in Atlanta was a lot smaller than I had anticipated. There were no sold out shows, no breathless fans standing outside hoping for a ticket. But in the end, it was better that way. Because everyone that was there (at midnight on a Tuesday) was there out of sheer love for Michael. You could just feel it all throughout the theater. Some of us cried. I know I did. For about two hours MJ was alive for us again. And when the movie ended, most of us remained in our seats watching all the credits until finally the screen went black, wishing there was just one more clip or sound bite of Michael. But that was it.” —Sitafa Harden, Atlanta, Ga.

“Just saw the first showing in Winnipeg, Canada. Forty people in the audience, very strange. Loved the film, didn’t anticipate such a respectful, realistic homage to a performer who exuded charisma and presence even though he obviously was not in his prime.  At certain moments he seemed a little out of place in his own world — sort of like Hugh Hefner often looks, still the king of his realm but a tinge pathetic. Overall it was clear that he had worked very long and hard and was surrounded by incredible talent and technical expertise. The concerts as envisioned and planned would have been spectacular.  Biggest take-away was what a kind, polite, gracious and grateful human being he was.  That can’t be faked.  This film just adds to the whole mystery. There was still true genius at work and more energy than I will ever have in my lifetime. His talent, his life and his death all defy logic.  Kind of wish I hadn’t stayed for the credits; I think out of the first 20 names, half of them were lawyers.” —Lo Schultz, Winnipeg, Canada

“It brought me to tears, and filled me with pride.  A wonderful tribute to Michael, the gifted, talented, relentless artist.  His love for his fans and his crew was evident at every turn. I feel so fortunate to have lived in Michael’s time.” — Angie Bailey, Seattle, Wash.

“I just saw ‘This Is It.’ I thought it was amazing. I am having bittersweet feelings. Michael truly was not appreciated for who he was and what he was trying to do. He was a rare and special person. The fans, we get it. It’s all for love. L.O.V.E. I now hope we can all move forward and celebrate his life and actually put love out into the world, as Michael would have wanted. Don’t let him have died in vain.” —Amber Myers

“Michael Jackson looked great, sounded amazing, danced amazing. He did not look sick at all. I’m glad this movie is out because most people think what they hear and see. Michael looked very healthy and better than what the media made him out to look. The movie was amazing and Michael looked so good!” —Anonymous, Calif.

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