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Federline and family head for Vegas

When the mother of your children is a world-famous celebrity in rehab and your every move is scrutinized by the press, what better place to take your young boys than wholesome, kid-friendly Las Vegas?
/ Source: Access Hollywood

When the mother of your children is a world-famous celebrity in rehab and your every move is scrutinized by the press, what better place to take your young boys than wholesome, kid-friendly Las Vegas?

That was the family destination of choice for Kevin Federline and his two Britney-bred sons recently, reports People. To be fair, Kevin was in town for a long-planned paid appearance at the Mirage Hotel & Casino lounge Revolution, and he brought a full battalion of caregivers to help look after the little ones, including a nanny, his mother and brother, and two bodyguards. And this wasn't the hard-partying Federline of lore, according to the report.

A source tells People magazine: "Kevin was really low key. You could definitely tell he was on his best behavior. He was having a good time, but wasn't the wild, crazy Kevin who used to come to Vegas ... he wakes up with a purpose each morning and has enjoyed his family being around him," says the source. A rep for Federline declined to comment.

The sky is falling
While one formerly "Chaotic" Kevin has a new-found sense of wholesome responsibility, an entirely different Kevin is about to lose his trademark innocence — in a movie role. The Hollywood Reporter announces that season five "American Idol" finalist Kevin Covais, known to many as the sweet, cute "Chicken Little," is about to give acting a try with a lead role in the feature film "College." Covais will star alongside teen idols Drake Bell and Andrew Caldwell in the film, which is about "three high school seniors who visit a nearby college campus as prospective freshmen and wind up having the wildest weekend in their lives," according to the report.

Spring-loaded talent
In other "Idol"-related news, "America's Got Talent" executive producer Simon Cowell has found a replacement for host Regis Philbin when the hit variety show returns this summer. The Associated Press reports that the new host for "Talent" will be none other than daytime ringmaster-turned-"Dancing With the Stars" contestant Jerry Springer. Philbin reportedly decided not to renew his hosting duties due to the "heavy travel schedule" involved with the show's tapings in Los Angeles, but Cowell is more than happy with the new choice in host, as he states in a press release obtained by Access Hollywood: "I am absolutely thrilled that Jerry has agreed to host the next season of our show for a number of reasons, he is the perfect person for this show. I wish him (and he is going to need it!) the best of luck."

No more spandex for Spidey?Another big celebrity looks to be leaving a high-profile job, after months of speculation alluding to the departure. "Spider-Man" star Tobey Maguire told Australia's THE COURIER MAIL that the upcoming "Spider-Man 3" will most likely be his last web-slinging adventure, reports movie news site Dark Horizons. In Australia to promote "The Good German," Maguire confirmed the rumors when he reportedly said, "To me it seems like this is a natural point for the team to break up because we have a lot of story conclusions that were going along for the main characters for the first two movies, and we kind of tie almost everything up for the third movie. It feels like a trilogy to me and it feels like the end."

Boxers or briefs?
After hurting his back filming "Seabiscuit" in 2003, The "Spider-Man" production team had reportedly worried that Tobey Maguire may not have been able to go on playing the popular superhero, and although it turned out fine for the actor to continue, his widely-rumored replacement at the time was going to be Jake Gyllenhaal. Since superheroes are often mocked for their poor fashion sense, which often includes wearing their underwear on the outside of their pants, it only stands to reason that Gyllenhaal would want to be prepared for action if the need arises. Perhaps that's why he was allegedly sighted spending a lot of time scrutinizing various styles of undies by The New York Post's Page Six recently in NYC. "He looked very confused and had a furrowed brow," says a Bloomingdale's clerk, "He was examining undies like an anthropologist in the city's most highly trafficked department store."

As Spider-Man creator Stan Lee would say, "'Nuff said!"