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Enter our 'Blindspot' puzzle contest for a chance to win a tour of the set!

The creator of some of the "Blindspot" puzzles, secret codes and tattoos created a fun and challenge puzzle for TODAY viewers!
/ Source: TODAY

David Kwong is the mastermind behind some of hottest tricks and puzzles in Hollywood and regularly creates crossword puzzles for the New York Times.

For the last two seasons, he's worked with the team behind the hit NBC show "Blindspot" to create puzzles, secret codes and tattoos.

He created a fun and challenging puzzle for TODAY viewers! Try to figure out the puzzle below and you could win a trip for two to New York City to go on a set visit to "Blindspot!"

Download and print all the puzzles here.

Puzzle 1

What do these images spell?


Puzzle 2

The answer to each clue is a 4-letter word that is the same as the previous answer except for changing one letter. The first answer has been given to you. For each answer, write in the new 4-letter word, and circle the letter that is different from the word above it. When you are done, the circled letters, reading top to bottom, will spell the answer to this puzzle . . . something to do with baseball.

David Kwong

Puzzle 3

The answers to the following five questions can be completed using the groups of three letters below. Each group of three is used only once. The number of words in the answer has been given to you. When you’ve completed all five, look for something you might find in a magic show. This is the answer to Puzzle #3.

David Kwong

Final Puzzle

Now that you have the answer to the other three puzzles, you are ready to use them to find one final message.

Fill in the answer to the first three puzzles in the blanks indicated. A fourth answer, BEJUMBLED, has already been provided by your colleagues.

Transfer the letters in all of the answers to the grid – put the letter marked 1.1 in the square containing the 1.1, the letter marked 1.2 in the square marked 1.2, and so on. When you are finished, each square of your 4x4 grid should contain exactly three letters.

You should now be able to find a four-letter animal in each row and in each column of the grid, one letter per square. That is, if the top row of squares contained the sets C/D/J , P/Q/U , B/C/Y , and K/N/Z, you could find the word DUCK in that row by taking one letter per square, in order. Cross each letter off after you have used it.

When you have found all eight animals, you will have crossed out two letters in each square, one for the across animal and one for the down animal. There will be one unused letter left in each square. Those letters, in order, spell out your final answer, answering the question: “In Blindspot, what should be followed in times of crisis?”

David Kwong