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English grandfather goes viral because no one can understand his thick accent

“I have no idea what he is talking about but I love hearing him talk," one viewer remarked.
maria_warne/ Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

What was that, again?

A grandfather is going viral on TikTok because no one (or almost no one) can quite make out what he’s saying.

TikTok user Maria Warne shared a video of her grandfather, who is apparently a farmer, talking to her in his thick accent from Cornwall, a region on the southwest coast of England known for its distinctive dialect.


Granfer was telling me how his light wasn’t working so I could fix it for him before work ❤️ ##agriculture ##generations ##taketime

♬ original sound - maria_warne

As she explained in the caption, “Granfer was telling me how his light wasn’t working so I could fix it for him before work.”

She could clearly understand him, but many people on TikTok had a little more trouble. However, it didn’t really matter because everyone loved listening to "Granfer" speak.

“i have no idea what he is talking about but i love hearing him talk,” one TikTok user commented on her viral video, which has racked up more than 195,000 views.

“This man is a national treasure we must protect him at all cost,” another user wrote.

Another TikTok user attempted a word-for-word translation but still included a question mark where they couldn’t quite make out what he said:

“It worked after that for weeks. Heyyy. It was working when we do a bit of things this morning. Hold it up to that.(?) The other flasher works.”

For others with connections to Cornwall, the video made them nostalgic.

“He sounds just like my uncle Trevor!” one person wrote. “Proper Cornish farmer boy!”

“I miss my grampy,” another person commented. “So nice to hear a true Cornish man speak with such a broad accent.”


Meet my granfer ❤️❤️

♬ original sound - maria_warne

Warne’s grandfather has been winning hearts for a while now on TikTok. She introduced him to her fans last month in an equally difficult-to-understand video, in which he appears to (possibly?) be talking about cows.

When Granfer began to go viral, fans started messaging and asking him to say certain classic Cornish phrases on camera.

“Get him to say ‘get out of it’ the proper way,” someone wrote to Warne, and Granfer happily obliged:

People online aren’t the only ones who have trouble making out what he’s saying.

"Ever since we were young we have had to translate to every house guest!” Warne told local news site CornwallLive.

Fans may not always catch every word but they are clearly charmed by his distinctive way of speaking, and by his sweet bond with his granddaughter.

As one person put it in the comments, “I can't understand a single word but I believe him.”