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See why this dad's videos as wild 'dadosaur' are going viral

He may be messy and loud, but this dino-dad is cracking us up.
/ Source: TODAY

A series of TikTok videos showing dad Frankie Mannella pretending to be a loud, mess-making dinosaur have gone viral, with millions of people logging into the popular app to check out the clips of a funny routine the family calls "dadosaur."

Mannella has his own TikTok account to share #dadosaur videos from, and one of his daughters, @olivemannella, has an entire account dedicated to, "exposing the lives of Dadosaur and Karen one TikTok at a time."


No Karen’s were harmed in the making of this video... the saga continues 🦖 @frankiemannella @clmannella @elliemannella ##keepingbusy ##dadosaur ##fyp

♬ original sound - olivemannella

In the funny video clips, Mannella goes from a mild-mannered dad to a wild and crazy dinosaur when his daughters say the word "dadosaur." Mannella's wife plays the voice of reason, telling him not to make a mess or behave in such a destructive manner, making the other members of her family refer to her as "Karen," a name that has become synonymous in pop culture with a woman who complains a lot and ruins the fun of others.

In one TikTok, which has been viewed nearly eight million times, Mannella drinks from a milk jug while screeching like a dinosaur and spilling the liquid all over the kitchen. In another, his daughter brings her parents breakfast in bed, only to have Mannella go crazy, spilling juice all over their white bedding while behaving like a ... well ... dadosaur.


Breakfast at dadosaur’s 🍳🦖 @frankiemannella @clmannella @elliemannella @dadosaur ##dadosaur ##tiktokcovers ##fyp ##foryoupage

♬ original sound - olivemannella

Commenters on the posts seem worried about Mannella's wife and the disaster zone she's living in.

"I think they really need to do something NICE for their mother," wrote one user. "I feel so sorry for her."

"OMG," wrote another. "I would be so annoyed after two times of my man doing this."

"This TikTok stream is going to make her alimony huge," another joked.


Dad trains. Dadosaur SHREDS. 😤💪🏼 @frankiemannella @clmannella @elliemannella ##dadosaur ##leavingmybody ##stayhomestaystrong ##fyp ##foryoupage

♬ original sound - olivemannella

Not to worry, however: In other videos on the account, Mannella promises that after his dino-tantrums, he cleans up after himself and does his wife's messy laundry.

Other TikTok users call #dadosaur videos the "highlight" of their day, saying Mannella is "the best thing on TikTok."

"Here is a dad making a fool of himself to make his kids laugh," one commenter observed. "Parenting done right!"