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Girl sings her Starbucks order at drive-thru — and the barista loves it

The song is currently stuck in our heads. Maybe forever.
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When mornings feel dreary, an on-the-go Starbucks order might be the best way to perk up. Especially if you request that order in song.

On TikTok, the short video-sharing social platform, user @sheiskingsposted a clip of herself singing at a Starbucks drive-thru window.

In it, she sings, "Can I get a guava white tea lemonade with light ice and a tall iced coffee with just one pump of pumpkin spice? Can I also get an extra cup of nothing but ice? Hope you have an awesome day and thanks for being so nice."

At first, the barista looks surprised, then smiles and continues to smile through the whole performance.

"Oh my God. That's cra—I didn't expect that," he said in the video.

It's evident on the user's TikTok page, she's practiced at serenading Starbucks employees.

In one where she sings an order for a Puppuccino (that's a dog-friendly Frappuccino) to the tune of "All I Want for Christmas Is You," the barista tells her, "I hope you get famous."

And that hope has certainly come true. Since she posted her melodic order, the video has received 7 million likes on TikTok and made its way into the Twittersphere.

For all the positive feedback it's gotten, from the song's catchy nature to the sweet repertoire between the singer and the barista, the viral video also inspired ... a little frustration.

Not everyone loved it. Still, they couldn't get enough.

Some folks were actually filled with ... rage?

Others, however, were quick to stand up for the singer.

"Last week at work we discussed how society villainizes anything teenage girls like/do," said one Twitter user. "Prime example. I can remember several videos of men wrapping [sic] and singing orders in the last decade and they were received well. One girl tries to do it at Starbucks and everyone hates her."

And this TikTok user isn't the only teen who has sung her heart out for the sake of fast food (and fame). Cecily Hennigan of South Carolina went viral back in August 2018 after singing her McDonald's order.

And earlier this month, an Olive Garden server made a table's birthday particularly memorable with his soulful rendition of "Happy Birthday."

Despite the haters on Twitter, singing to a stranger, it seems, can be good way to lift people's spirits. It's like caroling but even better because there is food involved.