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Eminem's relatives sue over eviction

Aunt, uncle claim they're being booted from house rapper built for them

Two of Eminem’s relatives have filed a lawsuit against the best-selling rapper, claiming he’s trying to evict them from the home he had built for them.

Jack and Betty Schmitt, Eminem’s uncle and aunt, are seeking more than $350,000 and possession of the home, The Detroit News reported Thursday.

The Schmitts claim they lived in St. Joseph, Mo., until mid-2002, when they moved to Clinton Township in Michigan at the request of their nephew, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III.

Eminem was born in St. Joseph and grew up in the Detroit area. He now lives in a mansion in Rochester Hills.

His lawyer, Howard Hertz, refused to comment, saying he hadn’t read the lawsuit, which was filed last week.

The Schmitts claim Eminem had agreed to pay them $100,000 a year for five years and provide them with a house worth up to $350,000. But they say he has given them only $165,000 since 2002.

Eminem bought a lot in 2002 to accommodate a home, which was finished in March 2003, the Schmitts say, but kept the property in his name. On July 13, they received a notice telling them to leave the property, the lawsuit says.

The 32-year-old rap star recently canceled his European tour, citing exhaustion. He is undergoing treatment for dependency to sleep medication, his publicist said Thursday.