'Mooo-ve it along!' Ellen delivers hilarious spoof of Matthew McConaughey's bull ad

Image: Ellen DeGeneres and Matthew McConaughey
Ellen DeGeneres Show/YouTube
By Ree Hines

If you've watched Matthew McConaughey's moody Lincoln car commercial — in which the Oscar winner has an intense and one-sided chat with a bull while sitting behind the wheel of his car — you might have wondered what it was all about. Well, you're not alone.

On Monday, Ellen DeGeneres watched the spot on her show and admitted she had "so many questions" about it. The biggest question being: Why was she cut out of it?

The host said the ad simply "made more sense" with her presence, and the spoof that followed certainly proved that point.

While McConaughey mused about his bovine pal, Ol' Cyrus, DeGeneres played the perfect backseat driver, complementing the star on his choice of road snacks (mystery brownies) and suggesting Cyrus should just "mooo-ve it along."

Or maybe it's the car that's in the way, in which case DeGeneres thought the bull "should use his horn."

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