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Ed Sheeran gathers no moss, joins Rolling Stones onstage for performance

Ed Sheeran just can't avoid jumping onto an open stage, and on Saturday he popped up for a performance with the Rolling Stones.
/ Source: TODAY

Ed Sheeran just can't pass by an open stage without getting on it, it seems. From popping up unexpectedly at weddings to joining a teenager singing in a mall for a duet, he's one rocker who gathers no moss.

Which is why it was totally appropriate that Sheeran join The Rolling Stones on stage on Saturday during their Kansas City show at Arrowhead Stadium. He helped along on both guitar and vocals on their 1978 song, "Beast of Burden."

It was clearly a highlight for Sheeran, who shared his enthusiasm on Instagram, writing "Just sung a song on stage with these ladz" and posting this picture:

While the Stones themselves posted a video of that Instagram-taking:

Clearly, playing with Sheeran was no burden at all.

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