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Dua Lipa does a ‘deep dive’ into the Drake-Kendrick Lamar beef in ‘SNL’ sketch

The rappers have been exchanging diss tracks back and forth for over a month.
/ Source: TODAY

Even Dua Lipa is weighing in on the decadelong feud between rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

Lipa pulled double duty on May 4 and served as both the host and musical guest on “Saturday Night Live.”

During the episode, the “Houdini” singer appeared as a morning news personality in the sketch “Good Morning Greenville,” which in part discussed the beef between Drake and Lamar as the rappers have continued to release diss tracks about each other.

“We need to get real serious for a moment y’all and talk about what’s happening in the world right now,” Heidi Gardner said during the sketch. “Everyone keeps coming up to me and asking “Gail, where do you stand on this Drake-Kendrick Lamar feud.”

Mikey Day chimed in, adding, “People keep asking, ‘Are you Team Kendrick or Team Drake?’ And I’m like, can’t I be Team Rap in general?”

Day then tapped in Lipa, the team’s “local culture critic,” to do a “deep dive” into the rappers ongoing feud and decode their diss track lyrics.

After pointing out that Lipa taught piano at a local grade school, he then asked what rap songs she typically taught students, to which she simply replied, “Mostly Elton John.”

When asked by Day what she’d learned about the beef thus far, Lipa shared insight into a “clue” shared in Lamar’s song “Euphoria.”

“When Kendrick describes Drake as Canadian, that’s because Drake is from Toronto,” Lipa said. “And he calls Drake ‘Crodie,’ which is a term used by the Crips, which according to Wikipedia is an alliance of street gangs based in Southern California.”

Lipa also took a moment to decode Drake’s disses in his song “Push Ups,” adding, “Now in Drake’s diss track, he questions Kendrick’s manhood, saying he wears a size seven shoe.”

As the residential “culture critic,” Dua Lipa dished up details about the Drake-Kendrick Lamar feud.
As the residential “culture critic,” Dua Lipa dished up details about the Drake-Kendrick Lamar feud. Saturday Night Live / YouTube

The feud between Drake and Lamar dates back over a decade.

In the early 2010s, Drake and Lamar appeared to have a good relationship. Lamar appeared on Drake’s album “Take Care” in 2011 and was invited to be the opening act on the Canadian rapper’s Club Paradise Tour in 2012. They also collaborated on Lamar’s 2012 track “Poetic Justice.”

By August 2013, things seemed to turn sour when Lamar lambasted several rappers, including Drake, on Big Sean’s song “Control,” though the former “Degrassi” star brushed off the verse in an interview the same month.

While things seemed to settle down between the rappers the following month, come October 2013, Lamar dissed Drake again in a BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher. This kicked off a yearslong feud between the musicians from 2014 to 2020 as they released more diss tracks referencing one another. 

Several years passed, but by March 2024, the feud appeared to be reignited when Lamar dissed both Drake and J.Cole on his track “Like That.” The rappers began exchanging diss tracks again between April and May 2024, with both taking shots at their personal lives, including their families.