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Did Jason Derulo really chip his tooth while eating corn with a power drill?

The singer is no stranger to optical illusions on TikTok, so this may just be another joke.
/ Source: TODAY

Jason Derulo is chip out of luck — or is he?

On Tuesday, the “Want to Want Me” singer, 30, posted a video on TikTok of what appeared to be him chipping a front tooth while eating corn on the cob as it spun on a drill.


Don’t try this 😭😭😭

♬ original sound - jasonderulo

“Don’t try this,” he captioned the clip.

“Hey, have you all seen this? I’ve always wanted to try it. Life hack,” the "Cats" star said before digging in.

He then started eating the corn while it spun on the drill.

After a few seconds, he shouted and put his hand on his mouth, seemingly in discomfort. He then opened his mouth, exposing his missing tooth and moaning in pain.

Jason Derulo Shows Off Perfect Looking  Teeth After Crazy Corn On The Cob Stunt
Was it a joke? Derulo flashed a smile with all of his teeth after the corn

He also posted a follow-up video in which he angrily inquired how much it will cost to fix the tooth.

There is a chance the clip, which has garnered 17.7 million views, is nothing more than a prank. He was spotted in a car with his full set of teeth later in the day, reports the Daily Mail.

Derulo also has a history of trickery on TikTok, including jokes in which he made it look like his body had separated from his head and another scam in which he wiped a mirror to reveal another person standing in front of it.