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'Dexter' exclusive clip: Deb gets grilled about LaGuerta's murder

Is Deb's luck running out on "Dexter"? Sure, she went to Miami Metro on Sunday's episode to make a huge -- and very drunk -- confession about killing Capt. LaGuerta. But lucky for her, it was Quinn who heard her spill her guts rather than a sharp detective who would've double checked her tale.

As the latest episode hinted at the end, help is coming for the very troubled former lieutenant. Dr. Vogel is stepping in at Dexter's request, but based on a clip from the upcoming episode that Showtime is sharing exclusively with TODAY.com, Deb's not exactly getting the nurturing, "spiritual mother" side of the Psychopath Whisperer that her brother sees.

It's quite the opposite, in fact, as Dr. Vogel confronts Deb about her role in LaGuerta's death.

"You knew the moment you pointed that gun at LaGuerta it was wrong! And still you pulled the trigger!" Vogel insists in the clip. "You shot a woman in cold blood! You let her bleed out and did nothing!"

The courtroom-style grilling probably wasn't what Deb had anticipated when she wanted to reveal the truth, and we're not sure it's exactly the right tone for someone in such a ... umm ... delicate state of mind. But hey, the Psychopath Whisperer's the expert here.

See whether Dr. Vogel's tough-love method helps Deb or makes things worse when the next episode of "Dexter" airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on Showtime.