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Demonic ‘Constantine’ comes to DVD

Also new this week, ‘Ice Princess’ and sci-fi TV series ‘Cleopatra 2525’
/ Source: The Associated Press

“Constantine”Keanu Reeves fights his demons, and everyone else’s, as the title character of this brooding thriller adapted from the “Hellblazer” comic books. Reeves stars as an exorcist who dispatches unsavory entities back to the abyss from which they came, trying to get on heaven’s good side after committing the mortal sin of suicide (attempted). Rachel Weisz co-stars as a cop seeking his otherworldly help to investigate her twin sister’s death. The movie is available in a single-disc edition or a two-disc set, both versions featuring 18 minutes of deleted footage, including an alternate ending. The two-disc set also offers commentary with director Francis Lawrence and some of his collaborators, along with a wide range of behind-the-scenes material on visual effects, the movie’s mythology and adapting the story from a comic-book world. DVD set, $30.99; single DVD, $28.98. (Warner Bros.) Original theatrical review

“Ice Princess”

Kim Cattrall and Michelle Trachtenberg in Disney's Ice Princess - 2005  Rated: G
Photo ) Copyright Walt Disney Pictures
Kim Cattrall and Michelle Trachtenberg in Disney's Ice Princess - 2005 Rated: G Photo ) Copyright Walt Disney Pictures

So who wants to become a champion figure skater in 100 minutes or less? Michelle Trachtenberg plays a science geek who turns her back on a lifelong goal of a Harvard scholarship after her research into the physics of skating kindles hidden desires and unleashes latent talent to compete on the ice. Trachtenberg joins co-stars Hayden Panettiere, Trevor Blumas and Kirsten Olsen for commentary, while the DVD also features a handful of deleted scenes, two music videos and the movie’s original opening. DVD, $29.99. (Disney) Original theatrical review

“Man of the House”Hollywood needs to banish whoever thought it would be great laughs to assign Tommy Lee Jones as den mother for a bunch of Texas cheerleaders. Jones plays a rough, gruff Texas Ranger who goes undercover as a coaching assistant and moves in with the cheerleaders, who are witnesses to the murder of an informant in a major drug case. The DVD has a making-of featurette and a segment on the training camp that went into making the five key actresses passable cheerleaders. DVD, $28.95. (Sony)

TV on DVD:

“BBC History of World War II” — This mammoth history lesson in a box packs more than 30 hours of BBC documentary programs tracing the roots of Nazism and Japan’s aggression, the blind eye Britain initially turned toward Hitler, the horrors of the Holocaust and the Allied invasion at Normandy. Among the series gathered in the 12-disc set are “The Road to War: Great Britain, Italy, Japan, USA,” “D-Day to Berlin,” “The Nazis: A Warning From History” and “Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State.” The set is anchored by a 40-page booklet from the founding editor of BBC History magazine. It also features extra segments on the role of Burma, the Indian army and merchant seamen in World War II. DVD set, $149.98. (BBC)

“Dead Like Me: The Complete Second Season” — The sophomore year for the afterlife’s surly new Grim Reaper. The wonderfully acerbic Ellen Muth is back as a young woman snuffed by a falling toilet seat from a space station, who joins a not-so-merry band of soul catchers escorting the doomed to their next way stations. The four-disc set has 15 episodes, plus cast interviews and 10 minutes of deleted scenes. DVD set, $49.96. (MGM)

“Sliders: The Third Season” — Jerry O’Connell and his dimension-hopping pals return for another round of forays into planet Earths in parallel universes, where life is never quite the same as on our own good old world. Season two’s 25 episodes come in a four-disc set, which also includes a gag reel. DVD set, $59.98. (Universal)

“Earth 2,” “Cleopatra 2525” — The cult followings for these two short-lived sci-fi series finally get their DVD fix. “Earth 2” was an ambitious epic about an advance colonization team struggling for a toehold on a distant planet meant to become a second Mother Earth after pollution forces most of humanity to move into orbiting space stations. The four-disc set has the full 21-episode run, along with deleted and extended footage. “Cleopatra 2525,” from the folks behind “Xena: Warrior Princess,” follows the misadventures of an exotic dancer from the year 2001 who wakes up 500 years later and hooks up with two warrior babes trying to rid the planet of machine conquerors. The three-disc set packs all 28 episodes, plus deleted scenes. DVD sets, $49.98 each. (Universal)

“Lost in Space: Season Three, Volume Two” — The space family Robinson is still looking for directions home in the final episodes of the campy 1960s sci-fi show. The three-disc set has the last nine episodes of the series about cosmic pioneers knocked off course by a saboteur, accompanied by interviews with co-stars Bill Mumy and Jonathan Harris. DVD set, $29.98. (20th Century Fox)

“Laguna Beach: The Complete First Season” — Billed as the real “O.C.,” this reality series follows the lives and crises of Orange County teenagers — assuming rich, young, beautiful people who live in perpetually warm and sunny climes have any crises. The three-disc set includes deleted scenes and cast interviews. DVD set, $38.99. (Paramount)