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'Clueless' turns 20: Watch an 18-year-old Alicia Silverstone describe Cher in 1995

In a TODAY clip from 1995, a young Silverstone opens up about her first impression of the role.
/ Source: TODAY

"Clueless" remains beloved 20 years after its 1995 release thanks in large part to Alicia Silverstone's hilarious turn as delightfully upbeat (if superficial) teen heroine Cher Horowitz.

So it's hard to believe that the actress, now 38, once doubted that she had the comedic chops to pull off the role. But in a TODAY clip from 1995, a young Silverstone opens up about her first impression of the character.

"I was really nervous because I had never done a comedy before, and I thought, 'I'm not funny; I can't do that.' But when I finally got into it and realized that Cher was not just superficial and shallow, she's a really lovable, compassionate, happy girl, it made it all seem perfect," she said.

Silverstone went on to offer an apt description of high-school queen bee Cher.

"She's the most popular girl, the most beautiful girl, the most amazing creature that's ever existed and she knows that, so she feels like the only thing she can do to help others is make them as perfect as she is."

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Silverstone also revealed that Cher's outgoing personality posed quite the challenge for the more-modest actress.

"It was hard because there's a voice that comes with that that I didn't know I had to have. I was always sort of quiet and soft-spoken and in this she's sort of obnoxious and takes control." But ultimately the difficult part was "just believing 100 percent in the silly things that Cher believes in," she added.

See what else Silverstone said in the clip above!