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'Chewbacca Mom' gets a Wookiee tattoo to commemorate her viral moment

The woman who became internet famous by donning a Chewbacca mask is showing off her new tattoo on Facebook.
/ Source: TODAY

Wookiee here! Candace Payne, who became Internet famous this summer after she donned an electronic mask of "Star Wars" favorite Chewbacca and made a video, has gone one step further into the dark side.

She got a tattoo of Chewie!

As she noted on Facebook, it was somewhat obligatory:

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One commenter noted that her Chewie looked a little chubby — "Isn't he supposed to [be] tall [and] thin?"

Payne replied, "It's a certain art style I love. So ... I fudged and made it more personal to me."

The video of Payne wearing the Chewbacca mask on Facebook Live broke all kinds of records and racked up over 160 million views back in May.

We apologize, this video has expired.

Since then, she's gotten a custom made Hasbro doll of herself as the Wookiee, got invited onto "The Late Late Show" and to Facebook HQ for a very special visit with her favorite hairy inspiration.

So we completely understand the desire for some inking!

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We just can't wait to see what Payne decides to come up with next ...

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