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Charlie Sheen Makes Good on Bipolar Charity Donation

He may insist he's "bi-winning," but Charlie Sheen is definitely bi-friendly to bipolar folk.
/ Source: E!online

He may insist he's "bi-winning," but Charlie Sheen is definitely bi-friendly to bipolar folk.

After a press report surfaced that the former Two and a Half Men star had failed to keep a promise to donate money to a Canadian charity called the Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorders (OBAD), E! News has learned exclusively that Sheen finally made good on his commitment Thursday.

His $5,886 donation was the amount the self-proclaimed Rock Star From Mars calculated he owed after pledging to match funds raised from a charity walk in downtown Toronto last Friday.

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Chalk up the problem to miscommunication.

According to the story, after several hundred people joined Sheen for the event to raise awareness about the mental disorder, which he held just before his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour rolled into Massey Hall, OBAD's executive director, Kaj Korvela, expressed frustration that he had not heard from the actor.

However, the warlock tells E! that it wasn't for lack of trying, especially considering he signed memorabilia for OBAD to auction off and encouraged his Twitter followers to give generously to the group.

In fact, Sheen--who by the way insists he himself does not suffer from bipolar disorder but is rather what he calls "bi-winning"--said he and his camp had made numerous attempts to reach the head of the Calgary-based charity but he hadn't gotten back to them.

The actor, currently en route to Atlanta where he's due to perform tonight, then asked E! to relay his message to Korvela to get in touch with him.

"Hey, Kaj," said Charlie. "Check your voicemail and email. See ya on the road."

Sheen's rep, Larry Solters, explained further yesterday: "We have been trying to reach the guy. Our plea to him is, 'Call us back. We believe in the organization. We want to support you and get the word out. We want to help you out.'"

After E!'s inquiries yesterday initially went unanswered, OBAD's honcho finally got back to us with the news that the two sides had made contact.

"I am right now in negotiations with Charlie's agent," said Korvela in a statement. "We are discussing...future donations because of the walk and reconciliation as to the auction items--we don't know the right figure because we were not there. So yes, we are talking and I am sure things will be worked out. Mental health is serious business--thousands die every year because of suicide that can be linked to people not getting treatment. Charlie Sheen, I think, will be more than happy to help us!"

After some back and forth, they finally settled on the $5,886 figure.

Way to go, Charlie!

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