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Celeb mistresses may band together for support

A woman who claims to have carried on a long-term affair with celeb chef Gordon Ramsay runs a support group called Mistresses Anonymous and hopes to get all of the women tied to Tiger Woods on board.
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Despite the impression given by some of Tiger Woods’ alleged other women, romancing a married celebrity means more than tell-all interviews and a shot at hush money. According to author Sarah Symonds, who allegedly carried on a long-term affair with TV chef Gordon Ramsay, those on-the-side relationships mean hard work.

“I run a group called Mistresses Anonymous,” Symonds told the New York Post. “It's the only support group for women who are in bad relationships with married men.”

Presumably, the group offers more advice than the obvious “stop dating married men,” but so far Symonds is short on details and big on ambition. She’s already contacted one woman linked to Woods — Jamie Jungers — and hopes to get all those associated with the golf great onboard.

“Ideally what I'd like to do is a TV special with all of Tiger's mistresses, where they could discuss the downside to being ‘the other woman,’ and whether he was good in bed.”

‘Bachelor’ had feelings for contestant who ‘cheated on’ himSure, “The Bachelor’s” resident flyboy, Jake Pavelka, was dating 14 other women when former contestant Rozlyn Papa “cheated on” him with one of the show’s producers, but the betrayal still stung.

“At this point in the show I don’t have any front-runners,” Pavelka explained in an interview with Valentine in the Morning. “But I did like (Rozlyn). I did. I was starting to develop feelings for her.”

Those feeling just weren’t mutual, as evidenced by Monday night’s much-hyped episode — one that the pilot was eager to put behind him.

“I didn’t come on ‘The Bachelor’ to become the center of attention,” Pavelka insisted. “I came on there to find love. And unfortunately, Rozlyn found love elsewhere.”

Stone claims Streep comment was really a compliment
When Sharon Stone described Meryl Streep as looking “like an unmade bed” in an oft-quoted excerpt from Britain’s Tatler magazine, the comment seemed at best a backhanded compliment or at worst an old-fashioned insult. But the “Basic Instinct” actress has since insisted her words were twisted.

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“It is not OK with me for someone to take a statement I made with good-natured intent and to try and make it in to something politically incorrect,” Stone told PopEater.

In the original interview with Tatler, Stone said she believed Streep worked so much “because she looks like a woman we can all relate to.” She added, “I look at her and I think, ‘I’m chasing my kids, I’ve moved my parents in with me, I’m coping with food spills — that looks like me in real life.’ Meryl looks like an unmade bed, and that’s what I look like. To me, that looks true.”

The description makes Streep sound relatable, successful, but ultimately, not so sexy. That, according to Stone’s PR mouthpiece, wasn’t the point.

“The full context of what Sharon said about Meryl Streep in her interview with Tatler Magazine was meant as a compliment,” Stone’s publicist told PopEater. “Sharon greatly admires Meryl as a person, an actress, and as a friend.”

Dish on the fly Forget about the romance rumors and racy vacation photos — Rihanna and Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp are simply friends with backside-grabbing benefits. At least that’s the word from Camp Kemp. “I think dating might be a stretch at this point,” Kemp's agent, Dave Stewart, revealed to E! News. “They are in Cabo, but past that they are just good friends, and I don't think we can label it as anything other than friendship right now. Who knows what will develop past the friendship?” Of course, similar sentiments were expressed in 2008, when both Rihanna and then-boyfriend Chris Brown denied they were an item. At the time the Barbadian singer insisted she and Brown were just “like brother and sister.” … It seems the shaggy beard that resides on Brad Pitt’s chin isn’t going away any time soon, and Angelina Jolie is to blame. According to Showbiz Spy, Jolie just can’t get enough of those ragtag whiskers. “She loves it,” a source revealed. “Brad was ready to trim it or even shave it off but Ange loves the feel of it. She says it makes him look distinguished and makes him feel hot.” Note from Team Shave-It-Off: It also makes him look like a goat.

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