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Céline Dion's 'Beauty and the Beast' song is out — and it's perfect

/ Source: TODAY

It's a big day for those eagerly awaiting the live-action "Beauty and the Beast" film — and for fans of the original movie that started it all.

The premiere of Disney's latest take on the "tale as old as time" is still a week away, but the soundtrack is out right now!

And it includes one song that bridges both movies.

Céline Dion, who sang the theme for the 1991 animated feature (along with Peabo Bryson), is the voice behind a fresh track that's sure to become an instant classic.

Celine Dion recorded a new song for the live-action "Beauty and the Beast" soundtrack, but it's sure to be a classic soon enough.Getty Images, Disney

"How Does a Moment Last Forever" is a repeating thread throughout the upcoming film, as it's not only sung by Dion for the soundtrack and the closing scenes, but also by two important characters at different points in the story.

Once by Belle's father (Kevin Kline):

And then by Belle herself (Emma Watson):

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But those musical sneak peeks are far from the only ones you can enjoy. In addition to the soundtrack's Friday release, Disney's MusicVEVO YouTube channel has 23 recordings — including demos — to keep the enchanted excitement going right up until the movie's premiere.

Check out all the recordings for yourself or just scroll down for what might just be the most anticipated song of all: "Be Our Guest."

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"Beauty and the Beast" opens in theaters nationwide March 17.

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