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Brad Womack's Ex Has Candid Advice for Emily: Get Out Now!

What do you know? Brad Womack's ex-girlfriend isn't too psyched about him being engaged to someone else.
/ Source: E!online

What do you know? Brad Womack's ex-girlfriend isn't too psyched about him being engaged to someone else.

But Laurel Kagay maintains that she isn't bitter. Rather, she's just looking out for a fellow LOB (Lover of Brad).

"The pattern has started, and she better get out as fast as she can," Kagay exclusively tells E! News, referring to the day-after scoop that Brad and fiance Emily Maynard have had a "bumpy" few months.

"Now the letters, flowers and promises begin," Kagay says. "She will most likely fall into Brad's BS. I just hope she doesn't do it as long as I did."

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Kagay, upon claiming that Womack proposed to her just a few weeks before he was due to repeat as the Bachelor, told E! News earlier this month that she had a rather tumultuous relationship with the Texas bar owner and that they broke up "hundreds" of times over the eight years they were on and off.

But though she warns Emily to watch out, she admits that her two cents probably aren't going to do much to change the outcome of things.

"I'm sure she doesn't care what I have said to the public," Kagay says. "But if she is smart, she will see that she is living what I was living. It is hard and definitely not healthy for a child. I am so happy to finally be done with our cycle, but it really does make me sad that another woman is in my shoes."

Chris Harrison told Ryan Seacrest this morning that Emily's daughter Ricki, her child with her late fianc, is certainly a big factor in why she didn't immediately pick up and move from North Carolina to Austin to be with Brad.

"I really respect the fact that she threw the brakes on this thing," Harrison said.

Kagay, too, thinks it was "smart of her not to move to Austin."

"I do not see a future with Brad and Emily," she says. "He obviously has not changed...I thought they would have made it a little longer but there is no going back now...Breakups and makeups are not a way to live."

True, there anyone out there--who isn't Chris Harrison--who's hoping for the best?

"I think, honestly, what's happening is they're having issues," Jake Pavelka-dodger and former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky tells Giuliana Rancic in an interview airing tonight on E! News at 7 p.m and 11:30 p.m.

"They're having troubles. And they don't want to sit there and air that out for everyone to dissect for them. They're taking it away from the limelight and handling it together at home. That's really what they should be doing right now."

And Ali is apparently still engaged to her pick of the litter, Roberto Martinez, so she should know.

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