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Bo Bice undergoes emergency surgery

Singer will not be returning to ‘Idol’ tour
/ Source: Access Hollywood

"American Idol" runner-up Bo Bice underwent emergency surgery last week to clear a blockage in his intestines, according to the web site for his band Sugarmoney.

The rocker was reportedly rushed to the hospital prior to Thursday's "American Idols Live!" concert in Las Vegas.

According to a note posted on, the surgery was a success, although Bice will not be returning to the "Idol" tour.

"Bo has successfully undergone an emergency medical procedure that was urgently needed to save his life," the site said. "Bo had a blockage in his intestines that required immediate surgery. After the successful surgery it is critical that Bo rests for a minimum of six weeks. He will be returning to his home soon to do so."

After rocketing to suden stardom thanks to "Idol," it's been somewhat of a rough stretch for Bo lately.

Less than a month ago, Bice suffered a broken foot during when he slipped onstage during a performance in New Hampshire. The slip reportedly occurred because instead of his usual cowboy boots Bice had switched over to tennis shoes for the show.

"I run around the stage a lot," he told People magazine. "Normally I wear the boots. Except three or four shows ago they started to slip."

Enter the tennis shoes and a new problem: "Tennis shoes rip," he told People, after twisting his ankle and breaking his foot during the first song of his set.

As for his upcoming debut album, Bo said the broken foot would cause "no unforeseen delays. My days off are spent recording. Hopefully, this won’t hurt it."

There was no word on what possible impact his latest surgery will have on the recording of his new album.