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'Bachelorette' recap brings tears, heartbreak ... and a barf bag for Kathie Lee

If JoJo's allowed to air her emotions on national television, well, why shouldn't Kathie Lee be able to do the same?
/ Source: TODAY

Monday night, the world saw the penultimate episode of this tear-filled "Bachelorette" season. And according to Kathie Lee Gifford, that was a good thing.

"There is a God, and he loves us," she quipped to TODAY producer and pop culture savant Amanda Avery as she prepared to give the ladies a recap on the oh-so-emotional episode.

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While JoJo was seen crying and sobbing and heaving her way through the recap clips ("I, like, miss him. I miss him already," she sputtered in one), Kathie Lee turned to a more immediate coping method: requesting a barf bag.

Oh, and the fantasy suite(s)? Yep, Kathie Lee had some thoughts on those as well.

"Apparently she gets to go 14 times before she's called promiscuous."

"I mean, maybe it's a generational thing," she added as the off-camera crew laughed audibly. "We can't even watch this stuff."

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A few foot massages, sob-fests and melodramatic breakup chats later, Kathie Lee had enough. How does Avery even handle this stuff?

"You and I are going to have lunch, and I'm going to talk to you," she demanded. "Okay?"

So who will it be? Former swimmer Robby or former football player Jordan? We'll have to wait and see. But regardless of which has-been gets the boot, we're honestly just awaiting Kathie Lee's next reaction.


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