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The Bachelor: Michelle's Sense of Entitlement Finally Annoys Brad Womack

Brad Womack's smirk finally turned into a grimace.
/ Source: E!online

Brad Womack's smirk finally turned into a grimace.

His self-proclaimed biggest fan, Michelle Money, gave him one too many "opinions" in her quest for a pre-ceremony rose, prompting him to not only hang onto his group-date rose, but also to finally look somewhat annoyed at the snake-alicious hairdresser, who has been convinced from minute one that no one is right for Brad but her.

From the "pact" they made to only rappel together to her little midnight visit to try to claim the individual rose he didn't give to Alli Travis, she was a one-woman tension bomb tonight.

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"I can look straight in to your eyes now and tell you, if you end up with Chantal, it will be a big mistake," Michelle told Brad point-blank, the umpteenth time she had mentioned that she didn't think Chantal O. was right for him and how surprised she was that their one-on-one date went well.

"You frustrate me sometimes," she continued, pouting, "but I want you to figure it out on your own."

"Apparently you don't," Brad sighed.

"I do. I really do, otherwise I'd be giving you a lot more information about a lot of women," Michelle said innocently, before proceeding to count down the order in which all of the other gals would go home, leaving her the last one standing.

"Thanks for that," Brad replied.

Not that it was enough for him to send her home or anything, Brad still convinced that Michelle is just questioning his decision-making, rather than going for the manipulative kill.

"It's time for him to start handing out roses and getting rid of some of these girls," Michelle told the camera earlier in the evening as if she'd just figured out how The Bachelor worked. "And if he can't make decisions, I'll be forced to take matters into my own hands."

Which sounds horrifying, but like great TV nonetheless.

(Originally published Feb. 7, 2011, at 7:20 p.m. PT)

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