Baby boon: Infants' parents hand out apology gifts on plane

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By Julieanne Smolinski

It's never fun to be on a plane with screaming babies. But some thoughtful new parents flying cross-country delighted the Internet when they tried to smooth things over in advance with candy and a prepared apology for their 14-week-old sons.

The courteous couple were Christina Diaz, 38, and Michael Rubinstein, 32, parents of young twins Jasper and Arrow. The family became minor Internet celebrities after a user on the social news site Reddit who was on their San Francisco-to-D.C. flight  posted a photo of the gift bag they handed out to fellow passengers. The caption: "Brilliant and thoughtful parents handed these out to everyone on my flight."

The bag contained a note explaining that it was their twin baby sons' first flight, an offer of earplugs, and several pieces of candy. The response online was overwhelmingly positive.

The ladies thought it was a sweet gesture too, and it prompted KLG shared her own story of baby notes: When her son was going to be circumcised, KLG put a note in his diaper that read "Dear doctor, please take a tad / please leave me most what I already had / life is too short / don't make me that way / now please keep your hand steady / and have a nice day."

She asked for the poem back as a keepsake, but the doctor said no -- because he wanted to frame it.

Julieanne Smolinski is a contributor who is looking for investors for her babies-only airline.

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