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Audition for ‘Amazing Race,’ ‘Real World’

Information on auditioning for reality shows on CBS, FOX, MTV and VH1. Plus: An update on Bachelor Byron and his fiancee, Mary.
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Last week, per your request, we rounded up a list of current reality show auditions for NBC and ABC shows.

This week, we move on to shows on FOX, CBS, MTV and VH1. Apparently there's no shortage of shows, both old and new, looking for folks to play the fool and/or win big.

FOX: Marriage and familyWhile we're waiting to hear when the "American Idol 5" auditions will take place (they'll be in Austin, San Diego, Memphis, Chicago, Denver and Boston), FOX has a few other series that need cast members. Four of the network's series are looking for troubled families to be rescued by reality TV.

"Nanny 911" needs families with children who are so completely out of control that only a stranger can help out.

The producers of that series are also out to help couples who've managed to wreck their relationships without the help of rugrats. Those interventions will be chronicled on "Marriage 911."

Dr. Phil's kid, Jay McGraw, wants you to tell him, as he pretends he's Ty Pennington.

And for those who are just bored with routine, FOX's is in need of families that want to swap members for a while; they're particularly in search of "engaged or committed couples."

Start OverSpeaking of families, syndicated show "Starting Over" is looking for women and couples who want to make changes in their lives. The show has previously been limited to women, who move into a house (now in LA, previously in Chicago), live together, and are regularly visited and given (sometimes crazy) assignments from life coaches.

CBS: Travel with ‘Amazing Race’Apparently we just missed the audition deadline for “Survivor 12”: the online application says apps were due June 17.

But “The Amazing Race 9” is now in search of people who want to travel around the world and have stressful encounters with Phil every few days.

MTV and VH1: Get wild, get loud
The music networks that show more reality TV than music videos are both looking for cast members for their reality shows.

VH1 is only currently casting for one show, for which it wants “outrageous singers who are extremely entertaining and embarrassing” for a new hidden camera series called “Motormouth.”

MTV, on the other hand, has dozens of ways to get your face on TV. The network’s casting call page includes a number of new and old MTV series, and also includes announcements for LOGO, the new gay and lesbian cable network that launched last week.

Specifically, “The Real World” is seeking college-aged people to drink too much and embarrass themselves on TV

Also on MTV, “First Year” wants to chronicle a year of your life as you go through a major change, while another series wants people who find themselves longing for a reunion with an ex, even though they’re currently in a relationship.

Q: Hi, I am wondering what happened to Bachelor number 6? Are him and Mary still getting married? Is there somewhere I can see what they have been doing? A Web site?     —Klinic

A: Byron Velvick, 40, and Mary Delgado, 37, have been one of the quieter "Bachelor" couples, staying out of the limelight since their show ended last November, and for that we are quite grateful. Velvick, the professional bass fisherman, and Delgado, who had been on an earlier "Bachelor" and became known for her eagerness to have children, are indeed still engaged.

Velvick now offers fishing analysis (there is such a thing! who knew?) on ESPN2's show, "BassCenter." He told USA Today recently that their wedding next year might be televised, following in the footsteps of Bachelorette Trista Rehn Sutter and "Survivor"/"Amazing Race" couple Amber Brkich and Rob Mariano.

US Weekly recently featured a blurb on the couple, saying that they recently bought a five-bedroom lake home in Brandon, Florida. Apparently Mary's friends are as desperate for her to have children as she seemed to be. US quotes Velvick saying "Mary's friend showed up and said, 'This is a perfect baby-raising house!"

Delgago tells US that the wedding will be in the first three months of 2006, and it will be held outdoors. And Velvick does have a Web site, There's a large photo of Byron and Mary on the site's front page, but the rest of the site focuses on fishing, not the wedding.    —G.F.C.

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