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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on ‘House,’ ‘Bones,’ more

Plus: What is Chuck going to say after he kisses a guy on ‘Gossip Girl’?
/ Source: Entertainment Weekly

Question: Give us a “House” spoiler, please! — Zachary
Ausiello: Cuddy knows that House made imaginary love to her last May. “It’s referenced in an upcoming episode,” “House” boss David Shore tells me. “She’s aware of it and she confronts him. She wants to know where all that stands.” That makes two of us.

Question: How long will Cameron and Chase hang on to their old jobs on “House?” — Jeff
“We don’t have a specific end in mind,” says Shore. “It appears to be temporary, but [there's] no specific end date.”

Question: It’s time for another clue about your gunshot victim blind item. — Daryl
The shooting will take place within the next seven days.

Question: What’s in store for Jane Krakwoski’s Jenna on “30 Rock” this season? — Kimberly
Her career will literally start sucking when she lands the female lead in a second-rate “Twilight” franchise. “For tax reasons, they shoot it in Iceland and then they realize the sun doesn’t set,” explains exec producer Robert Carlock. “So they’re shooting a vampire movie without having night.” Genius.

Question: I’m getting a very sad feeling that Casey and Cappie won’t be getting back together on “Greek.” Anything you can tell me to think otherwise? — Nicole
Here’s what I can tell you about Monday’s third season premiere: When C&C join forces to help Rusty pass his chemistry class, there’s palpable sexual tension. Unfortunately, Cappie refuses to pursue it any further. That’s so like him.

Question: Thanks for the “Bones” scoopage last week, but it still hasn’t quenched my thirst. Got any more juicy gossip for me? — Bree
Here are two scoops about the Sept. 17 season premiere: The episode features a time jump that’s longer than two weeks but less than six months. And an MRI holds the answer to one of the show’s biggest questions.

Question: Is Roxie gone for good on “Bones?” I hope so. I want Angela with Hodgins. — Claire
“Rosie is out of the picture for now,” confirms series creator Hart Hanson, who adds that “Angela and Hodgins belong together every bit as much as Booth and Brennan — perhaps more. And they will get there. But it’ll be a rough, rough road.”

Question: Stop resisting the temptation and tell us: What does Chuck say after he kisses another guy on “Gossip Girl?” — KB
He says ... Nope, can’t do it. Sorry.

Question: Please calm the storm in the “Gossip Girl” fandom and tell us if Chuck is going to be bisexual? — Bev
I’ll say this: The comment Chuck makes post-smooch ... Nope, can’t do it. Sorry.

Question: où as tu appris le Français? ça fait bizzare et plaisir à la fois de te lire répondre à Xav. —Guillaume (un autre fan de “Gossip Girl” Français)
Je pense à prendre mes vacances de Noël en France. Tu pourrais me trouver un hébergement gratuit (et de préférence luxueux)?

Question: How about some “Lie to Me” bits? — Kate
The show will gradually delve into Lightman and Gillian’s burgeoning relationship. “That’s something we want to take slow,” says exec producer Shawn Ryan. “There is something between Cal and Gillian, and we’ll [explore] what those feelings are. I don’t want to promise we’ll necessary act on them right away, or even ever.”

Question: I read somewhere that Lightman is going to go “undercover” at a singles mixer on “Lie to Me” early in the season. What other aliases will he take on to trick his subjects this season? — Jenny
A former frat boy, a wannabe father at a fertility clinic, and an underworld hitman, to name just a few.

Question: The other night I dreamed that I kissed the actress Ming-Na at a huge banquet of some sort. She told me I tasted like donuts. No idea if that’s good or bad, but I can tell you she’s an awesome kisser. So, what do you think my chances are of doing the same in the real world? — Jack
Ausiello: Email me a recent face pic and I’ll forward it on to her. The things I do for you people.

Question: I was wondering if you had any “Heroes” scoop — preferably anything on Ali Larter’s character, Tracy. — Jason
In keeping with the season’s “Redemption” theme, “Tracy goes back to her old life working on the Hill, only to discover that she’s no longer driven by the same shallow rewards,” explains series creator Tim Kring. “She wants to make a difference in peoples’ lives.”

Question: Any word from your “Friday Night Lights” mole whether Kim Dickens will be back for any of Zach Gilford’s final seven episodes? She killed as Shelby last season and it’d be nice to see more Matt and mom bonding moments. — Mike
I’m told Kim will be back for at least two episodes. And I couldn’t agree more: Kim brought her A-game to “FNL” last season.

Question: Do you have any info on Drea de Matteo’s “Desperate Housewives” character? I heard some weeks ago that she was going to be a troublemaking vixen with an Edie-like personality. But the newest spoilers suggest she’s nothing like Edie. What’s the deal? — Addip
Let’s ask Marc Cherry. “I don’t see Drea as a replacement for Nicolette [Sheridan],” he says. “Her character is more a replacement for Neal [McDonough] in that she’s [the focus] of the new mystery.” Cherry goes on to describe Drea’s matriarch, Angie Bolen, as “a very loving but tough Italian woman who comes [to Wisteria Lane] with her husband and her kid. They’re running from something. We understand through her actions in the first couple of episodes that she’s a smart woman who will do what she has to to protect her family.”

Question: How about some “Desperate Housewives” scoop about Bree’s romance with Karl. — M
Poor Orson won’t catch on to his wife’s affair — at least not at first. “We’re going to play him just not understanding what’s going on,” explains Cherry. “He finally gets wind of it and it’ll build to a shocking conclusion in our 10th episode. We’ve got an interesting cliffhanger involving the threesome.”

Question: I heard that “Torchwood’s” John Barrowman met with “Desperate Housewives” about a role. True? — Cody
Marc Cherry did meet with Barrowman, but “there is nothing specific planned at the present time,” says a “Housewives” insider. “But Marc is a huge admirer of [John's] work ... and would be thrilled to have him on the show.”

Question: Will the Abby and McGee relationship go anywhere on “NCIS” this season? — Marysia
“There could be a little bit of “McAbby” this season in a very unexpected way,” teases exec producer Shane Brennan. “There is definitely some very interesting relationship things that are going to happen between them.”

Question: Do you have any spoilers about “Supernatural?” — Tracey
You’ll be thrilled to hear that Sam and Dean’s inability to maintain meaningful long-term relationships with the opposite sex will continue throughout season 5. “We’ve returned to a conceit that works for us and that the fans seem to be able to swallow without vomiting, which is that there’s a girl in every port,” says series creator Eric Kripke. “We certainly have a lot of guest star female love interests that the boys help save and interact with. But at the moment, there are no plans for a longstanding romantic relationships.”

Question: Anything you can share about next Monday’s “Weeds” season finale? — James
There’s a cliffhanger, and it comes out of nowhere. (A hint can be found in the title of a song from “Legally Blonde: The Musical.”)