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Are Deena and Pauly D heading for a hook up on 'Jersey Shore'?

Are we in store for another Snooki and Vinny-type roller-coaster ride, but this time with-- gasp --Pauly D and Deena?!

After having an open tongue war with each other on last week's show, tonight's episode opened with the continuation of that romantic scene and then the duo talking about hooking up and cuddling for the night.

But Pauly and the rest of the gang were a little worried that the girl who "won't do sex," will do sex and then get attached.

With Pauly? Totally understandable.

So here's what happened…

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Before any bedroom action could begin with the two drunk lovebirds, we hear Ronnie make a call to a female that wasn't Sammi or his mother. So who the heck was this girl?!

That would be Hannah. A girl who has apparently been "helping him" through a lot of stuff (Hi, Sam!) and he just wanted to hear her voice (this has to be foreshadowing of some serious drama to come).

Anyway, back to the anticipated smush.

It turned out that once the lights went off, the people were knockin' boots sleeping.

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Deena attempted to make her sexual escapade with Pauly happen, but the DJ was knocked out.

Or was he?

The next day marked the group's first Sunday in Italy, which meant it was time to grocery shop for Sunday night dinner, which distressed Deena once she realized that nothing was in English.

No way!

After the traditional dinner, Snooki decided to give her boyfriend back home a phone call and ended up getting scolded for not speaking to him for an entire day!

Guess who came to console Snooki's hurt feelings? Yup, good ol' Mike (who might also have a possible knee fetish).

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Wait a second, aren't they supposed to work somewhere as payment for staying in their Italian crib castle? Yes, yes they are. And seeing how they're in Italy, it only made sense that they would be working in a pizzeria!

Aside from being blinded by The Situation's yellow pants, watching Snooki be the first of the house to learn pizza-making skills was enjoyable! And surprisingly, she didn't suck at it!

JWoww making coffee ... well, that wasn't as successful.

Once the sun went down, the guidos and guidettes dominated Italy's night scene by dancing on bars and downing drinks, which led to "Single Ronnie" coming out (he's the "pimp daddy mac," in case you didn't know).

Other than that, Sammi got pissed, Mike hooked up with a grenade and Deena fell on her face ... again.

Fast-forward to the next night, and it's pretty much the same situation. Except Sammi's the drunk one who ended up sitting with Ron and confessing that she still loves and misses him.

Here we go again.

Does Deena actually have a chance with Pauly? Should this crew really be allowed around food preparation? Share your thoughts on the Clicker's Facebook page!

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