'Agents of SHIELD' star Clark Gregg doesn't go 'Dirty Dancing' with wife Jennifer Grey

As Agent Coulson on ABC's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," Clark Gregg knows what it's like to work alongside superheroes on a regular basis. But he's more cautious about super activities when he's at home with his wife, "Dirty Dancing" actress Jennifer Grey.

While visiting TODAY Thursday, Gregg joked that the pair regularly perform the run-and-lift dance move Grey famously did with Patrick Swayze in the classic 1987 movie.

"We do it every morning," he grinned. "I brew some tea, I hold the cup, she runs and then I feed it up to her." 

Actually, not really, because Gregg knows his limits. "There's only one man who can really do that lift and sadly he's no longer with us — the amazing Patrick," the actor said. "I will never try it. That was one of our wedding vows."

Meanwhile, Gregg is setting superheroes aside in his new movie, "Trust Me," which he wrote, directed and stars in. He's Howard, an "aging loser" who works as a less-than-successful agent for child actors. 

"I wouldn't say that it's representative of all kind of agents for child actors," said Gregg. "There was just something kind of heartbreaking and lovable about these people who are looking for a kind of 10-year-old who's going to take them to the big time, and running to get the parents coffee."

"Trust Me" opens in select theaters on Friday, and is available now on VOD and iTunes. 

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