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World's biggest bony fish gets its close-up in mesmerizing Mola mola video

A video of what might just be the largest Mola mola is captivating viewers online.
/ Source: TODAY

The Mola mola, also known as the ocean sunfish, is the weightiest member of the bony fish family — and given that the category includes over 28,000 species, that's really saying something. In fact, the largest ones can weigh over 5,000 pounds.

Now a video of what might just be the largest of the largest bony fish is captivating viewers online. That's because in addition to its massive proportions, this fish has one heck of a face.

Just look at those big eyes, those full lips and that ... Can a fish have a forehead? This video says, "Yes" — and a strong chin, too.

And as the 4 million viewers who've watched the clip on Facebook have already noticed, all of those features come together to form one can't-look-away vision from the deep.

It's a rare vision, too, as these behemoths live out their lives far into the open ocean.

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But where did this particular immense Mola mola come from? The footage was captured off the coast of Portugal last year by diver-photographer Miguel Pereira.

What a catch!

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