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Warning: These dog treats and pet food may pose salmonella risk according to FDA

The FDA warns consumers not to feed your pets Raws for Paws' Ground Turkey Pet Food. There's another warning about treats called Beefy Munchies.
/ Source: TODAY

Go check your pets' food labels right now. If you've got ground turkey pet food produced by a company called Raws for Paws, you'll want to stop serving it to your dog right away.

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a recall notice for the company's ground turkey pet food. The recalled food comes in sealed plastic tubes in sizes of either 1 or 5 pounds. The food was mainly distributed throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, as well as via online orders.

If you think your dog has eaten contaminated food, call your veterinarian.Getty Images

Raws for Paws is a Minnesota-based company that produces raw pet food. Inspectors with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture found salmonellain some ground turkey pet food packages.

According to the FDA, two related illnesses have been reported.

You can call Raws for Paws at 612-465-0372 if you have questions about whether your food falls under this recall, or to find out about disposal and refunds.

The federal agency has also issued a recall notice for dog treats called Beefy Munchies after inspectors found salmonella in those as well. No related illnesses have been reported, according to the notice, but you should still stop giving them to your dog.

These treats are produced by Smokehouse Pet Products, Inc. of Sun Valley, California, and come in 4-ounce bags. They were distributed mainly in Washington, Michigan, North Carolina and Colorado.

Contact Smokehouse Pet Products at 1-877-699-7387 with questions.

Take these recalls seriously. Salmonella can cause your pet all kinds of problems, like diarrhea, lethargy and vomiting. It's contagious to other pets as well as to humans. If you think your dog has eaten contaminated food, call your veterinarian.

People can also pick up the bacteria from handling contaminated food, especially if they don't wash their hands. (Please wash your hands.)

And a reminder for all pet lovers: the FDA previously issued a warning that raw pet foods are generally more likely to be contaminated with harmful bacteria than cooked foods.

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