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Vote for your favorite name for Fiona the hippo’s baby brother

The hippo calf was born earlier this month at the Cincinnati Zoo.
/ Source: TODAY

You can do your part to help name the hippo calf born earlier this month at the Cincinnati Zoo. The calf is the brother of Fiona, the zoo's most well-known hippo.

The zoo has whittled down a list of 90,000 submissions from around the world to two finalists: Fritz and Ferguson.

You can vote on your choice on the Cincinnati Zoo's website. The winning name will be announced Monday on TODAY.

Last week, the zoo announced the baby hippo was born. He is the son of 23-year-old Bibi and the brother of Fiona, who was born prematurely in 2017.

Shortly after his birth, the zoo said he was doing well.

“This calf looks huge to us because Fiona, Bibi’s first baby, only weighed 29 pounds when she was born six weeks premature and wasn’t able to stand on her own,” Christina Gorsuch, the Cincinnati Zoo’s director of animal care, said in a statement.

“Bibi and the baby, yet to be named, will spend the next two weeks bonding behind the scenes,” Gorsuch added. “A female would take her newborn away from the bloat for about that amount of time in the wild, and we try to give Bibi the choice to do what feels natural to her.”

On Monday, Amy LaBarbara of the Cincinnati Zoo told TODAY that the new hippo is a healthy boy.

“He’s amazing. He’s doing so well, he’s so strong, just staying great with his mom,” LaBarbara said.

She also said it took some time to determine the new hippo is a boy.

“Bibi was doing such a great job being a great mom, so they really didn’t want to interfere with that, they really wanted to let them bond,” she said.