No More Woof: New device might reveal what dogs are thinking

No More Woof
No More Woof/Indiegogo

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By Amy Eley

Communication between man and dog has long been an exchange of barks and guesses, but now a group of inventors in Sweden is looking to change that.

The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds that will help the group create No More Woof, a device that (might) translate a dog’s thoughts into English.

Currently in testing stages, No More Woof resembles a headset that fits on to a dog’s head. It is equipped with sensors that pick up canine brainwave patterns and then translate them into English through an attached speaker. So far, the device is able to detect thought patterns associated with “Who are you?”, “I’m hungry” and “I’m tired.” (No word yet on if it will be able to translate "If you don't let me outside right now, I'm going to leave a mess on the carpet.")

Based in Malmo, Sweden, the group began raising money for further testing on IndieGoGo on Dec. 16. They've exceeded their original crowd-sourcing goal of $10,000 by almost $7,000 as of Friday afternoon. Those who donate $65 or more even get their very own No More Woof, scheduled to debut this April.

But while it sounds like we could be only a few months away from knowing what our dogs really think about us, it might not be as thorough as it seems.

“It’s important to remember that No More Woof is a work in progress,” Maria De La Croix, a project manager for the Swedish group, said in a video on the Indiegogo fundraising page. “Our work is merely practical.”

While that may be, the sheer idea of the invention has caught worldwide attention, and even got a shout-out on "Saturday Night Live" recently.  

“A new device is being developed that could translate a dog’s thoughts into English,” Cecily Strong said during the show’s “Weekend Update” segment. “It’s ideal for anyone who wants a device that’s constantly saying 'duhhh.'"