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Jacob Tremblay feels the Force, names pup after 'Star Wars' character

The star of "Room" asked fans to help him figure out what to call his fluffy puppy, and now he has his answer!
/ Source: TODAY

Jacob Tremblay brought a particularly cute guest on the red carpet at an event on Friday, but then he had to 'fess up: He had no name for the adorable ball of fluff that was his puppy companion!

Jacob Tremblay at WE Day Californiat 2016, with as-yet-to-be-named puppy.Mike Windle / Getty Images

So he crowdsourced ideas by reaching out on Twitter — and now we have our answer! The "Star Wars" fanboy has decided to call his dog Rey, after the heroine from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

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Now, personally we think the little doggo (seen here posing with a Lego AT-AT machine from the movies) most closely resembles Chewbacca. But we are not going to argue in the least.

Here's what Tremblay's original shout-out looked like when he posted it on Twitter:

Who could resist those sweet faces? Certainly not Tremblay's fellow celebs, who got a chance to cuddle with the then-unnamed pup at the We Day California event he brought her to.

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Thus far, we haven't read any response from Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in the franchise. But whatever she has to say, it can't be as classy as this photo the pair took last month:

The Force is strong with these ones.

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