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Holy cow! Baby calf born in Texas looks just like KISS rocker Gene Simmons

The resemblance is udderly striking.
/ Source: TODAY

Genie, we were made for loving moo!

A calf born July 28 is capturing the imaginations of KISS fans all over the world, thanks to its remarkable facial markings and protruding tongue, which resemble KISS rocker Gene Simmons — at least when he's in full makeup.

Gene Simmons and his bovine counterpart.AP

And one of those fans? Gene Simmons himself.

The calf, appropriately named Genie, was born on Heather Leonard Tacetta's ranch in Kerrville, Texas.

Tacetta works for Cowboy Steak House, which would seem to have ominous overtones for the youngster.

The little one's image has since gone viral. Hill Country Visitor, which posted the first image of Genie one day after birth, also posted a short video showing the animal in action on Wednesday.

KISS, as you may recall, were a band of hard rock 'n' rollers who wore studded leather outfits, big platform shoes and face-masking black-and-white stylized makeup.

Simmons, the bassist and co-lead singer, was known for his hard-partying ways and long tongue, which he often extended for photos and on stage.

"Gene Simmons, where were you on or about Nov. 25, 2016?" one Hill Country Visitor commenter asked, according to Maxim.

But back to Genie. Hill Country Visitor seems pretty solid that this one's not due for the slaughterhouse, suggesting it could become a mascot.

And Tacetta told News Channel 8 that the calf actually belongs to her grandmother and that it won't be sold for meat.


Now, all we have to do is find a cat that resembles KISS drummer Peter Criss, known for wearing feline-inspired makeup.

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